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Northants on Sunday, Sunday, June 23, 2002
Artist and sculptor Malcolm Pollard
Top Town Artist Dies Of Cancer

Malcolm and Elke The Sculptor
Malcolm and Elke
The Sculptor

ONE of Northampton's best known and most unconventional artists, Malcolm Pollard, has died after battling cancer for four months.

The 61-year-old was also a sculptor whose works adorn many a Northamptonshire home, and his gargoyles and other works of art are in churches throughout the county.

At St Matthew's Church in Kingsley in particular is his wood-carved figure of the Risen Christ.

His widow, and fellow artist, Elke, said her husband was her life. "Malcolm made a huge mark with his life and had a big impact on so many people. He will be hugely missed and already we are getting messages from all over the world.

"Malcolm's diagnosis was confirmed on Valentine's Day and since then people at different cathedrals and from different denominations have been praying for him. Malcolm's spiritual side kept him in great spirits during his illness."

Mr Pollard, who died last Wednesday, also left his two sons, William and George.

Born in Raunds, he was the son of a shoemaker and won a scholarship to Kimbolton public school. At first he dreamed of being a pilot, but at 14, when he discovered a book on French impressionists, his dreams turned to art. After Northampton Art School he studied at Hammersmith, before returning to Northampton and learning the art of stonemasonry. He later became a lecturer before deciding to work as a full-time sculptor.

'Inspiring, perceptive, a great teacher'

Malcolm Pollard's widow Elke has been inundated with tributes to her husband.

Roger Morris, chief executive of Northampton Borough Council, wrote: "Malcolm was widely known in the community and had deservedly enjoyed his reputation as an artist and as a thinker about the cultural aspects of the town."

Councillor John Dickie said: "Malcolm's spirit lives on. He was remarkably inspiring to all who knew him and had enormous vision. Not only was he a very determined man, he was also talented and extraordinarily perceptive - a great teacher, as well as a great sculptor."

Northampton's Mayor, Councillor Mike Boss, said: "Malcolm was like an uncle to my children, he taught them circus tricks, he could juggle and he was great fun. I have one of his sculptures in my garden and paintings all over my house that will always remind me of this great man."

Architect Will Alsop, who was taught by Mr Pollard at Northampton School of Art, said: "Malcolm taught me that everything you do in life is a part of the work. He showed me that you can create all the time, and it is this act of making things that is so important. I carry that with me wherever I go."

Friend Alison Wilson wrote: "We will love him for his kindness, inspiration, dry humour and generous spirit and much, much more.

"This day had to come and we would not want dear Malcolm to suffer any longer, but that does not make it any easier to bear."

• Mr Pollard's funeral will be at St Matthew's Church in Kingsley next Friday at 11.30am.

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