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Rushden Echo & Argus, 15th March 1929, transcribed by Kay Collins

Mrs Leanna Hyde

Death of Mrs Hyde at Rushden
Wife of Boot Manufacturer — Interment at Chelveston

Somewhat unexpectedly, the death took place on Sunday of Mrs Leanna Hyde (66), wife of Mr James Hyde, of the Shrubbery, Rushden. Mrs Hyde had been a sufferer from asthmatical troubles but had not seemed seriously ill until Saturday. She was downstairs as recently as Saturday night, though she had been under the skilled care of Dr Muriset for some time.

Formerly a Miss Driver, of Chelveston, Mrs Hyde had lived in Rushden all her married life. Mr Hyde is principal of the firm Messrs James Hyde Ltd., boot and shoe manufacturers, Rushden. He started in business in a partnership in Duck-street about 30 years ago. Having had part of  the large factory in Glassbrook-road built, he dissolved partnership and began on his own account. The firm was turned into a limited liability company about 25 years ago, and substantial additions were made ro the works premises.

By the death of Mrs Hyde the husband and two sons and three daughters are bereaved.

The funeral took place on Wednesday afternoon. A service was conducted at the house prior to the interment at Chelveston Churchyard by the Rev W H McCleery (Rector of Chelveston and Newton Bromshold), who also officiated at the graveside.

The mourners at the house were Mr James Hyde (husband), Mr and Mrs P J Hyde, Mr and Mrs G W Hyde (sons and daughters-in-law), Miss L Hyde, Miss F Hyde (daughters), Mr and Mrs R W Miller (son-in-law and daughter), Mr and Mrs William Hyde (brother-in-law and sister-in-law), Mrs Jelliss, Miss Jelliss, Mr J W Moir, Mr T Robinson, Mr and Mrs J C Brown, and Mr Dudley Brown (friends).

The mourners at the graveside were Mr James Hyde, Mr G W Hyde, Mr P J Hyde, Mr Dudley Brown, Mr J C Brown, Mr William Hyde, Mr R W Miller, Mr J W Moir, Mr T Rimington, Mr W C Wesley, Mr B G Coe, Mr W A Pack, Mr and Mrs E A Squirrell, of Leicester, Mr H Ingle, Mr F Hulett, of Kettering, Mr E A Leaton, and Mr William Charles.

[A long list of wreath inscriptions follows]

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