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The Rushden Argus May 2nd 1919, transcribed by Susan Manton
Phillip Fuller

Death at Work
Old Man’s Sudden End in Sand Pits
Inquest at Rushden

On Tuesday at the Oakley Arms, the Deputy Coroner, Mr. J.C. Parker, held an inquiry into the death of Phillip Fuller, a labourer of New Wymington, Rushden, who fell dead at the Sand Pits, Wellingborough Road, Rushden on Monday.

William Robinson, labourer of New Wymington, said he was working with the deceased in the Sand Pits. At dinner time both had a good meal and deceased made no complaint of feeling ill. About four p.m. when deceased was rounding up a sand heap he suddenly fell on his back. Witness went over to him, but he did not move or answer his name. Witness informed Mr. Wilmott jn. Deceased was not doing heavy work then but had been digging which was plenty heavy enough. Witness had been working with deceased about three months, and the latter had never seemed ailing.

The son, Walter Phillip Fuller, New Wymington, a pavior in Mr. Wilmott’s employ, said his father was 63 years old. He never complained of feeling ill, and had always been able to do his fairly heavy work.

Dr. Baxter said about 5.15 on Monday evening he saw the deceased at Mr. Wilmott’s Sand Pits. Deceased was very pallid and it was consequent with heart failure, consequent on internal haemorrhage, probably due to a rupture. Death was due to natural causes.

The Coroner found a verdict that Phillip Fuller died of Heart Failure; natural causes.

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