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Mr. Herbert Lack

H Lack
H Lack - Superintendent 
Herbert Lack was born at Yardley Hastings in 1877, son of Jonathan and Elizabeth. The family moved to Rushden, to work in the shoe trade, in about 1885. In 1901 Jonathan was a shoe packer, eldest son Walter (17) was a book keeper in a shoe factory, Edwin (15) was a clicker, and Herbert (13) was a clerk in a shoe factory. Three younger children, Benjamin, Elizabeth and Emma, were scholars. The family was living at 149 High Street.

By 1905 Jonathan was a shoe factory foreman, and Herbert was the rate collector's clerk, when on June 10th 1905 Herbert married Emily Clayton, daughter of William and Elizabeth. In 1910 Herbert was the Sunday School Superintendent at the Baptist Church and in that year he wrote a history of the school to celebrate its centenary. The following year Emily gave birth to their son Arnold, and in 1912 Bruce was born. They were living at 50 Oakley Road, and Herbert was now the rate collector.

Wellingborough News, 29th August 1902, transcribed by Kay Collins

SUCCESSFUL COMPETITON—Mr. Herbert Lack, of High-street, Rushden, has been successful in winning the first prize in a hymn-writing competition arranged for the "Home Department" of the "British Monthly." Prizes were offered for the best original hymn sent in, and out of a large number of competitors Mr. Lack has been adjudged the first prize. The hymn sent consisted of four six-line verses, and is based on the words, "In the fear of the Lord is strong confidence; and his children shall have a place of refuge" (Prov. xiv. 26), and the adjudicator speaks of it as "excellent in its sturdy strength and quaint metre, and possesses more originality perhaps than any other sent in."

Rushden Argus, April 5th 1918, transcribed by Susan Manton

A Strenuous Worker - New President
Rushden and Thrapston District Sunday School Union

Mr. Herbert Lack the new president of the Rushden, Thrapston and District Sunday School union, is a great force for good in Rushden. To his sunny smile and gentle courtesy he unites enthusiastic devotedness to the causes which he has at heart. He is prominently identified with the Baptist church at Park Road, where in January last he completed 25 years of service as secretary and superintendent of the Sunday School.

Elizabeth died in 1924 aged 73, and Jonathan died in 1929 aged 80, and they are buried in Rushden Cemetery Graves C53/54. Herbert died in 1939 aged 62 and Emily in 1963, and they are buried in Graves F988/989.

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