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Charles Hewitt
Clicker - Bookseller & Stationer - Postmaster
Charles Hewitt was born in 1838, son of James and Elizabeth. He was baptised at St Mary's Church on 26th May 1841 with his older brothers Thomas and William, and their sister Harriett. James was a watch and clock maker, but his sons did not join him in the business, chosing to follow the shoe trade. William went to London, returning to Rushden in 1889, and later he built a fine factory in Rushden. His son brought the cinema to Rushden.

The first work for Charles was as a clicker, but after marrying Elizabeth Ann Steele in the Downham area of Norfolk in the summer of 1861, he decided to turn his attention to business, setting up as a bookseller and stationer in High Street. By 1874 he had also taken over as Postmaster, from William Packwood the parish clerk. The stationery business flourished and much of the local printing was done by Charles, including many posters advertising local events. In August 1901 Charles retired as postmaster.

With Elizabeth he had two daughters and a son Charles. Charles junior trained as a carpenter, but by 1891 he had joined the shoe trade and was described as a manufacturer (perhaps he was with his uncle William), Sarah joined her father in the post office, and Elizabeth became a draper's assistant, but later she took over the shop, at 35 High Street.

In April 1911 Charles died, and Elizabeth died in January 1914, followed by their daughter Sarah in November of the same year.

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