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Rushden Argus, 7th August, 1914, transcribed by John Collins
Mr J C Gregory
of Hitchin - Appointed to Rushden

Mr J C Gregory, of Hitchin, has been appointed by the directors of the Midland Railway to be stationmaster at Rushden (with Higham Ferrers), the appointment to date from August 1st, 1914.

The new stationmaster has been stationed at Hitchin for eight years, during which time he has become exceedingly popular, and much regret has been expressed at his impending departure, though at the same time he has been the recipient of hearty congratulations on his promotion. Mr Gregory went to Hitchin from the district superintendent’s office, St Pancras, where he had been attached to the relief staff for ten years, and during his stay at Hitchin he has witnessed the development of Letchworth Garden City from a mere village of 100 population to that of 9,000, and this development extended the work of the Midland Railway enormously.

During his residence at Hitchin Mr Gregory has devoted much time to the public life of the town, being a speaker of more than ordinary ability, and in debate an exceptionally keen opponent. The Hitchin Ambulance Brigade owe much of its success to his efforts, and at present he holds the position of secretary and sergeant of the Hitchin Division of the brigade, and is also an active member of the Voluntary Aid Society. A staunch Churchman, he has for many years been a sidesman of St Saviour’s Church, and has taken an active part in the work of that church’s branch of the CEMS.

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