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The Rushden Echo & Argus, 31st July 1931, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden Schools Swimming Gala
High Standard in Third Annual Competition.
Swimming Club and Police Exhibition.
at Schools’ Swimming Gala

Competitors about to enter the water at the deep end at
Rushden Schools’ Swimming Gala. Standing in the centre can be seen Mr E L Brightwell, who carried out the secretarial duties.

A large company, which included several members of the Rushden Urban District Council, gathered at the Swimming Bath, Station-road, Rushden, on Monday evening, on the occasion of the third annual swimming gala in connection with the Rushden Schools' Sports Association.

The occasion proved once again (if further proof were needed) the benefit that the provision of the baths has conferred on the town, and must have also been a source of gratification to those who were in any way responsible for their provision several years ago.

Throughout the whole of the programme the standard of swimming was very high and compared favourably with last year, and it is interesting to note that the boys were not always the fastest in their classes compared with the girls.

In the championship events the boys were six seconds ahead of the girls but in the back races tin girls proved to be too good for the boys, beating them by 8 1/5 seconds.

The events were closely contested and the judges were kept on the alert for any last minute efforts which usually made their position an unenviable one.

Nevertheless their decisions always met with the approval of the large crowd, some of whom were even obliged to climb to the cubicle roofs to gain a view of the races.


An interesting exhibition was given by the Rushden Swimming Club who demonstrated life saving, various strokes, and neat and fancy diving.

Subsequently, members of the Rushden Police Force caused a stir when a constable was seen to fall into the water. No sooner had the supposed accident occurred than Inspector Knight, fully clothed, entered the bath from the deep end, swam to the "drowning man" and took him to the side of the; bath, where he rendered artificial respiration. Immediately the "patient" regained consciousness he was thrown into the water again and had to swim! After this episode, which drew repeated laughter, Inspector Knight divested himself of his uniform in the water, a feat that attracted no little admiration.

At the presentation of prizes, Mr. W. W. Rial presided, supported by Mr. G. W. Gardam (treasurer), Mr. E. L. Brightwell (secretary), Mr. T. W. Elliott (starter), Dr. D. G. Greenfield, Mr. A. Allebone, C.C., Mr. J. Roe and Mr. P. Blunsom.

Calling upon Mr. Allebone to present the prizes, Mr. W. W. Rial said they w very grateful to Councillor W. E. Capon for the presentation of the gold medal to the winners of the championship events.

Mr. Allebone said he was sure that they would like him on their behalf to thank those who had helped in making the swimming gala such a great success, and especially the Rushden Swimming Club for their excellent exhibition of diving and swimming and also the Police Force for their well enacted accident to a policeman and the rescue by Inspector Knight both being in full uniform. Continuing Mr. Allebone speaking for those present, said he was sure they all had a nice time and hoped future events would be a success.

Mr. Allebone then distributed the prizes.

The Winners

The results were: — Boys 10-12, 1 P. Causebrook (Alfred Street) 27 seconds 3. A. Knight (Alfred Street).

Girls 10-12, 1 J. Sayer (Alfred-street) 25 seconds.

Relay race for shield, 1 Alfred-street, M. Worrall, T. Hodgkins, E. Bennett, R. Iliffe 98 seconds.

Girls 12-14, 1 E. Wells (South End) 25 seconds, 2 E. Middleton.

Boys 12-14, 1 C. Wilford (Intermediate) 25 seconds.

Plunging competition, 1 R. Iliffe (Alfred-street).

Old boys' race. 1 F. Beale (Intermediate) 43 secods, 2 F. England (Newton-road).

Old girls' race, 1 K. Albon (Intermediate) 48 seconds, 2 E. Hooton (Intermediate).

Boys championship, 1 D. Martin (Intermediate) 51, seconds, 2 B. Norman (Intermediate).

Girls' championship, 1 M. Worrall (Alfred-street), 45 seconds, 2 W. Yates (Intermediate).

Boys' back race, 1 R. Iliffe (Alfred-street), 34 seconds 2 G. Houghton (Intermediate).

Girls' back race, 1 M. Worrall (Alfred-street) 25 4/5 seconds, 2 E. Knight (Newton-road).'

Boys' balloon race, 1 J. Foster (Intermediate), 2 P. Causebrook (Alfred-street).

Girls' balloon race, 1 B. Wells (South End), 2 J. Cheale (Intermediate).

At the conclusion. Mr. Rial thanked Mr. Allebone for his services and the Rushden Council for the use of the Baths. The officials were: Judges; Dr. D. G. Greenfield, Messrs. A. Allebone, C.C., J. Roe and P. Blunsom; starter, Mr. T. W. Elliott; competitors' stewards, Mrs. G. M. Hensman and Mr. E. T. Huke; recorder, Mr. S. Saddler.

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