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The Rushden Echo and Argus, 23rd December, 1932, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Schools’ Xmas Parties
Celebrations During The Week - Well-Arranged Concerts by the Scholars

  During the week the schools of Rushden have held enjoyable Christmas parties and concerts in which the scholars have taken prominent parts.

  Below we give details of the various celebrations with which the Christmas term has been concluded.

Alfred Street Mixed

  A concert was given by the senior and junior scholars of the Alfred-street School in the School hall on Wednesday evening.  The hall was crowded, a large number of the scholars’ parents attending, and the proceeds were for the School library.  The senior girls gave the first part of the programme, which consisted of carols, country dances, and sword dances.  The second part of the entertainment was given by the juniors, and took the form of a cantata, entitled “Topsy-turvy Christmas,” in which the following took part: T. Goodman, M. Andrews, J. Biseker, and D. Cox, with other children as fairies, cats, dolls, and others.  A repeat performance of the play was given yesterday afternoon for the scholars only.  Miss N. L. Groome trained the seniors, and the juniors were under the supervision of Mrs. Levy.  The costumes were prepared by Mr. A. W. Morris.

Alfred Street Infants

  The Alfred-street Infants had their fun on Wednesday afternoon, when Miss Miller, the headmistress, arranged a very varied programme in which rhythmic dancing and musical games were conspicuous.

  Each class made its own special contribution, and the debut of the Percussion Band (Standard I.) was an event to be remembered.  Carol singing was another feature, and refreshment time was most popular of all.  On this occasion, at least, the jellies had some excuse for their trembling!

  The babies had a tea party around the Christmas tree in their own room.

  At the breaking up yesterday each scholar took home a present.

Newton Road Mixed

  The usual Christmas concerts at the Newton-road School had to be given on two separate occasions owing to the numerous individual and collective items which had been prepared by the scholars.

  On Wednesday afternoon the senior section presented the following sketches: “Topsy,” by the second year girls, “Scenes from Oliver Twist,” by the second year boys, “Mr. Winkle goes skating,” by the first year boys, and the first year girls gave “The Old and the New,” “Diana’s Surprise Party,” and the “Magic Tree.”  These items were interspersed with pianoforte solos, and duets, chorus songs by various classes, and recitations by individual scholars.

  A number of interesting plays were performed by the junior section, at their concert yesterday morning.  Some of the most delightful were “Meddling with Magic,” by the first class juniors, “The Dream,” by the second class, “Robin Hood,” and “Nursery Rhymes,” by the third class, “Pedlar of Dreams,” “The Wish,” by the fourth class, and the “Land of Play,” by the juniors.

  A number of interesting recitations, pianoforte solos, songs, and dances, were given by the younger scholars.

Newton Road Infants

  The children of the Newton-road Infants School presented a most attractive Christmas programme on Tuesday afternoon in which all the classes participated.

  The babies charmingly presented the first two items, the first of which was a musical response, which was followed by a pretty Christmas Eve play, which the visitors thoroughly appreciated.  The play depicted the visit of Santa Claus to good boys and girls and their delight at receiving the toys they desired.

  Then each class had its own programme of dances, games, and action songs, and its own elocutionary experts who boldly recited to the company.

  Standard I, the highest in the School, appeared as a fully equipped percussion band, each boy and girl having bells, a tambourine, triangle, drum, or cymbals, and after the opening chorus of “The Robbers’ Chorus” from “Chu Chin Chow,” a boy conducted the band through a variety of numbers.

  In conclusion the whole of the scholars sang carols, concluding with a vesper and a “grand good-afternoon” to the headmistress, teachers, and everybody.

  The visitors thanked Miss Randall and her staff.

  The Christmas spirit has also entered into the curriculum of the school this week, and seasonable decorations and gifts etc., have been made by the scholars.

South End Mixed

  At the South End Mixed Schools on Wednesday afternoon, a concert was given by the scholars.  Among the visitors present were the Rev. Travers S. Stoney, and Councillor W. E. Capon (chairman of the Rushden School Managers).

  Numerous items were given including hornpipe dances, performed by M. Rowthorn, B. Ellis, and E. Brittain, an Irish jig by Mollie Chambers and Winnie Steel, a gipsy dance with Margaret Wells and Eveline Dodds, ukulele solos by Leslie Meadows, pianoforte solos by D. Houghton, and cornet solos by Clifford Bailey.  Recitations were also given by Miriam Rowthorn, Betty Ellis, Mary Jervis, Betty Ager, Alice King, Audrey Safford and Eddie Savage.  A sketch entitled “The Wedding of the Painted Doll” was also presented by Iris Swailes, Audrey Safford, Mollie Chambers, Doreen Letts, Marjorie Scroxton, Winnie Steel, and Betty Webb.

  Mr. T. White rendered accordion solos and solos on a saw, and a sketch “Nursery Rhymes,” was given by Betty Webb, Eileen Dilley, Ivy Gibbs, Evelyn Dodd, Mollie Chambers, Audrey Safford, Doreen Letts, Margaret Wells, and Winnie Steel.  Games were also indulged in, and carols were heartily sung.  Refreshments were handed round.

  A repeat performance was given yesterday morning for the juniors.  Mr. W. A. E. Sherwood and the staff ably trained the scholars.

South End Infants

  Parents were invited to the South End Infants’ School on Tuesday afternoon and were regaled with the songs, dances, and recitations that the kiddies had learned in the course of their ordinary work.

  The school’s big Christmas Tree arrived on Wednesday, and in the afternoon Miss Partridge (headmistress) gave a party for the children alone.  The tree was lighted by 50 candles, and every scholar received a gift.  Fruit and biscuits were served between the games, and carols were sung at the close.

Moor Road

  The infants at the Moor-road School had a tea party on Wednesday afternoon, and about two hundred scholars thoroughly enjoyed an excellent spread after which a concert was held, and a number of gramophone records were played.

  Mr. Griggs (comedian) also amused the children with comic songs.  Yesterday afternoon the scholars were each presented with a toy.

Intermediate School

  Owing to the serious illness of one of the teachers, the Christmas parties at the Intermediate School have been postponed until January.

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