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Independent Order of Rechabites
Morning Star Tent, No. 25, District 28, Salford Unity
Rules Officers Membership
John Thomas Colson's membership ticket for 1887-1889

25 January 1873 - Northampton Mercury 

Rushden—lndependent Order of Rechabites— The Morning Star Tent has celebrated its third anniversary, on Sunday, January 19. 

07 March 1874 - Northampton Mercury

RUSHDEN-Female Rechabites—On Monday last the opening of a female tent this Order was celebrated a public tea in the Temperance Hall, when upwards of 60 of the friends of the temperance cause sat down. After the tea 14 members were initiated by the district …..

Wellingborough News, 1st February 1879, transcribed by Kay Collins

INDEPENDENT ORDER OF RECHABITESOn Tuesday, the 21st ult., the annual meeting of the Morning Star Tent, No. 25, District 28, Salford Unity, when about 140 members and friends sat down to tea. A public meeting was held in the evening, Mr. C. Bayes in the chair. The secretary's report was read, from which it appears there are in the adult Tent 86 members, and in the juvenile Tent 21, good on the books, and although the past year has been the heaviest year for sickness the society has experienced, it is gratifying to know that in both Tents there is a balance in favour of the society, in the adult Tent of £2 3s. 7½d., and in the juvenile of £1 16s. The report, as read, was adopted, after which the London Temperance Hospital was brought before this notice of the meeting. Several members delivered speeches in favour of raising funds so as to enable the Tent to send sick members with their own letters. A collection was made at the close for that purpose.

Wellingborough & Kettering News, September 10th, 1881, transcribed by Kay Collins

RUSHDEN—A MISSING SECRETARY—Some commotion, but more indignation, has been evoked by the abrupt departure within the last few days, of the Secretary of the Female Rechabite Club. The box of the Club was forced open after his departure, when the books were found to be in the utmost confusion, but it contained no cash. This is of the more importance from the secretary having also been treasurer for some time past.

Wellingborough & Kettering News, September 17th, 1881, transcribed by Kay Collins

THE DEFAULTING SECRETARY—As we announced last week, some considerable sensation has been caused in this village during the past fortnight by the disappearance of Mr. John White, boot and shoe manufacturer, and secretary to the Female Tent of Rechabites. It appears that he left home a fortnight ago, without leaving his address for his creditors, who are rather numerous, amongst them being the Female Tent of Rechabites. After he had gone, the box belonging to the Tent, and which should have contained the money, was taken to Mr. P. Cave, who called in some two or three other gentlemen, and the box was then forced, and it was found not to contain any money at all, and the books were in such a state that it was impossible to make anything of them. On Saturday last the District Secretary paid a visit and called in all the cards, and from them and the district books it appears the defalcations in connection with the Tent amount to about £29. On Monday the goods of Mr. White were sold under a bill of sale, when a claim was made on behalf of the Tent, but with what result we could not ascertain. The treasurer of the Tent having been ill, and not able to attend, and having confidence in Mr. White, he let him have the custody of the box.

Wellingborough News, 28th January 1882, transcribed by Kay Collins

RECHABITE ANNIVERSARY—ON Tuesday evening, the 10th anniversary of the "Morning Star" Tent of the Northamptonshire District of the Independent Order of Rechabites, Salford Unity, was celebrated in the Temperance Hall, where a good number of the male and female Adult Tent sat down to an excellent supper, well served up by the following committee: Messrs. F. Knight, C.R., T. Brightwell, Sec., W. Claridge, J. Sargent, and J. Bull. The annual balance sheet was presented to the members, from which it appears the Society is in a very favourable position, notwithstanding the very low rate of contributions for the benefits received. The Adult Tent was established in the year 1871, and now numbers 99 members, with an accumulated fund of £385, or an average of £3 13s. 6d. per member. The contributions for the year just concluded amounted to £51 11s. 3d., and the sick pay to £22. There had not been a funeral during the year, and the saving on the year from the sick, funeral, and contingent funds amounted to £43 9s. 7½d. After the supper a pleasant evening was spent in social harmony. The proceedings were opened by an appropriate speech by Mr, F. Knight, C.R., followed by a very nice pianoforte duet, "Battle March of Delhi," by Miss Knight. This was succeeded by a song by Mr. Stringer, "Beneath the elm," and Miss Knight and Mr. A. Harris then sang a duet, "Happy days.'' Mr. W. Wilkins, as an invited guest, made a neat and humorous speech on the characteristics of the Rechabites, noticing the prohibitions imposed on the Scriptural Rechabites, and the injunctions they were to carry out, and concluded by a recitation founded on the incidents in the life of a youth who went to London, which was received with great applause. This was followed by the old favourite song, "Let me kiss him for his mother," by Miss Bessie Wilby; and Mr. C. F. Bradfield gave, "Old Brown's daughter," which caused roars of laughter. A recitation by Mr. C. Claridge, "The Palace of Gin," was very nicely given, after which followed the song, "I am coming dearest mother," by Mrs. Bull; recitation, "The old clock on the stairs," by Mr. J. Sargent. Mr. Stringer followed with a comic song, after which Miss M. A. Harris sang with much taste, "Just without the gate". This concluded the musical part of the programme, and the remainder of the evening was spent in a social manner.

1910 Phillipson's Directory
Independent Order of Rechabites. Salford Unity “Morning Star” Tent No. 35, meets at the B.W.T.A. Hall, Newton Road, on the third Monday in each month at 8pm.  Secretary, Mr. C. White, 48, Queen Street.  The “Morning Star” Juvenile Tent 476, meets at the B.W.T.A. Hall on the second Monday in each month at 7.30pm.  Secretary, Mr. J. S. Smith, 78, Newton Road.

Rushden Echo, 25th February 1916, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden Rechabites Tent - The Effects of The War – Financial Gain on the Year

Bro. Chas. White, secretary of the “Morning Star” (Rushden) Tent of the Independent Order of Rechabites, has prepared the following annual report:-

It is my privilege to submit to you the annual report and balance sheet for the year ending December 31st, 1915.

It is not reasonable to expect to be able to report much progress in respect of membership, in view of the great conflict in which our country is engaged. Many of our members are taking their part in the fighting ranks, holding their lives cheap if only their homes and their country are saved from the “ruthless invader”.

To all such members I send in your name a special wish: That they bear themselves like heroes, that they may help to bring about a glorious victory and an enduring peace, and that they may come safely through and participate in the welcome awaiting them on their return.

We commenced the year with 383 financial adult members; three have been enrolled and one admitted by clearance from Wellingborough Tent; we have transferred 17 from the Juvenile Section; total 404.

We have lost by death three adults; Bro. William Wills, Bro. Arthur H. Dickens, and Bro. Thomas Robinson, killed in action May 9th 1915. We have also lost two juvenile members; Sister Dorothy Bayes and Bro. Robert Hartwell. To the bereaved we extend our deepest sympathy.

Thirteen have left by arrears and other causes. Present adult membership, 388. Though we have had heavier sickness experience than that of last year (particulars of which will be found in the Sickness and Accident Account) the financial position of the Tent is highly satisfactory. You will observe the total gain on the year is £60 4s. 11½d.

The property (that is, the houses) belonging to the Tent, has been insured against aircraft damage, and the whole of the property on which we hold mortgage securities has been covered by insurance against aircraft damage.

The position of the Juvenile Tent demands urgent attention, an we understand that this all important question is to be dealt with at the Annual Meeting of the District, to be held on Saturday, March 4th, 1916.

08 June 1923 - Northampton Mercury

Mr Charles White, for 30 years secretary of the Morning Star Tent of the Independent Order of Rechabites, Rushden, has tendered his resignation owing to reasons of health.

Rushden Cemetery
Grave DB 44/45

In loving memory of my dear husband Horace George SANDERS (past Chief Ruler of Rechabites) who was killed by enemy action October 3rd 1940 aged 56 years. Ever in my thoughts. Also his beloved wife Frances Martha SANDERS who died April 29th 1955 aged 71 years. At rest. (vase) ---

Rushden Echo, 4th February 1938, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rechabites—The 67th annual report of the “Morning Star” Tent of Rechabites shows a total membership of 579—and increase of 12. Sickness payments absorbed £290 and funeral claims £45, the juvenile branch paying £65 for medical aid. Funds amount to £4,244. Miss E Sharp, now the Deputy Ruler, has retired from the secretaryship and is succeeded by Bro. J H Shipman. Bro. C W Smith is Chief Ruler for 1938.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 3rd March 1939, transcribed by Kay Collins

RECHABITES—About 100 juvenile-members of the "Morning Star" Tent, Rushden, and the "Progress" Tent, Higham Ferrers, were entertained to tea in the Queen-street schoolrooms on February 28. Bro. Barley, juvenile superintendent, was in the chair, and Sister Megan Capon extended a welcome to the District officers (Bros. J. Harris and R. G. Sherwood), and to the Higham Ferrers visitors. After tea the company were entertained by Bro. A. J. George's cinematograph, and Bro. R. Richards (conjuror), and there were addresses by the District officers and others. Sisters M. M. Stapleton, D.D.R., B. Knight and S. J. Shipman formed the ladies committee, and the secretary, Bro. J. H. Shipman, carried out the arrangements.

Advert from St Peter's Church parish magazine - June 1963.

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