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Posters Advertising Events

The first batch are posters are taken from photographs that we have been allowed to copy.
The photos show the delicate state of the posters. One was printed on both sides.
They announce several events in the 1870's.

A poster for a Sermon by Miss Hart at the Wesleyan Chapel - it was printed on both sides. The poster only gives the date as Tuesday November 12th, with no year stated, but a check shows that in 1878 it fell on a Tuesday.

Above is detail from the back of the same poster, showing a stamp and post office cancellation in October 1878. The address written is:- Mr Hewitt, Rushden, Higham Ferrers.

Mr Hewitt printed the posters; perhaps he used an old poster to print a proof copy to send his client? Charles Hewitt was postmaster and printer and traded in High Street.

These posters advertise events at the Temperance Hall but the year is not given - 1878.

Two posters for events with the National School Band providing the music. Both date from 1879 - and were printed by Hewitt Printer, Rushden. Notice the printing error! Charles Hewitt was also the town postmaster and his premises were in Rushden High Street. The National Band was formed by Mr William Bridgeford.

Another bundle of Posters printed by Charles Hewitt came to light in 2011.
The dates show just how many events were taking place in the village, and
for several we have newspaper reports describing the occasion.
The posters we think may have been printers' proofs, as some are printed on the backs of old posters.
Latter-day Saints at the Temperance Hall Sunday Oct 6 1878
Rushden Evening Concert Crystal Palace Choir Nov 6th 1878
Wesleyan Chapel Sermons - Miss H Hart 10th Nov 1878
Temperance Society An Appeal Mon/Tues Nov 18/19 1878
Two open-air meetings Temperance Society July 3rd/4th 1879
Liberal Association Address by Mr R G Roe Friday March 21st 1879
Wesleyan Band of Hope Entertainment Monday March 31st 1879
Easter Bank Holiday Tea 14th Apr – 1879
Rushden Liberal Association Lecture by E F A Briggs Esq Friday 25th April 1879
Entertainment at Temperance Hall Wednesday May 7th 1879
Succoth Baptist Sermons - Mr T Stringer Tuesday Aug 19th 1879
National School Public Tea - provided by Britons Cricket Club Tues Sep 23rd 1879
Rushden Star Cricket Club ...ington House School Tues 23rd Sep 1879
Co-operation Public Tea Saturday Oct 25th 1879
Old Baptist Church various meetings Monday Oct 27th 1879
Wymington Wesleyan Anniversary Sermons 2nd Nov 1879
Rushden Liberal Association Board Schools Open - Tea meeting Wednesday Nov 5th 1879
UK Alliance Addresses Wednesday Dec 3rd 1879
Coffee Public House Movement Meeting in the Vestry Hall Wednesday May 12 1880
National School and Church Sunday School Festival August 1880

The posters below came to light when lino was taken up in a bungalow in St Mary's Avenue
in the early 1960s. They were then put into a loft and have only recently been found again.
One is dated 1939, so we assume they are all about the same date.

Palace 1939 Pantos at St Peter's Church The Theatre The Ritz
Palace 1939
Pantos at St Peter's
Royal Variety Theatre
The Ritz

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