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Brownie Log Books 1933-34
St. Mary’s Brownie Log Book
A wooden cover made for the book by Bob Muscutt, and decorated by his sister Joan (later Wood) who was one of the leaders at St. Mary's Brownies. Throughout the book Joan added small sketches.

artwork fire
Some of the artwork amongst the text


The Promise.
1. To do my duty to God and the King.
2. To help other people everyday especially those at home.


Brownie Law
The Brownie gives into the older folk. The Brownie does not give into herself.


Brownie Motto : Lend a hand


Brown Owl : Norah Whiting, Fire Station Rushden.

12th Jan 1933

Pack meeting.

First Pack meeting after a fortnight’s holiday.

Packs were presented with wand for the winning six for the month of December 1932.

19th Jan 1933

We had a busy evening starting with some of our favourite games such as “Whirly Gig”, “Filling the Gap”, and “Cinderella”. After these we had a “Penny Ring” and Brown Owl then told us that owing to the great increase in the pack which when Brown Owl and Tawny Owl took the pack over in September 1932 it consisted of 4 brownies, is now a pack of 42 Brownies, from tonight the pack would be closed to all little girls who wanted to b e Brownies. Then we formed another six which we have given the name “Imps”.

Then we played charades after the “Fairy Ring”, “Prayers”, “Taps” and then Home.

“We’re the ever helpful Imps
Quick and quiet as any shrimps.”

28th Jan 1933

We held our Brownie Party in the Vestry Hall from 3 o’clock to 9 o’clock. We had tea about 3.30pm

There were 22 brownies on each table. Tawny at the head of one table and Brown Owl at the head of the other.

After tea we played games some of which were “A-hunting we will go”, “There was a Princess”, “Cinderella”, “Oranges and Lemons” and then each of us did a “Charade” after that we had a “Musical Mat” and Sprite’s Second won the prize (a necklace)

After a few more games like “Postman’s Knock” and “Rebecca and Isaac” the Imp Sixer being the brownie who was chosen last had the prize which was a handbag. It was then about 8.45pm, Brown Owl then gave the wand to the “Imps” for being the winning six for the month of Jan 1933. We then had “Fairy ring” and “Prayers and Taps”, then each brownie was given an orange and went home after a very happy and enjoyable party.

2nd Feb 1933

Had our usual pack meeting.

9th Feb 1933

Pack meeting.

Our room, which is very small according to our pack ,makes it so that we cannot use our own Totem every Pack Meeting so Pack Leader Mary, made us a very nice one. It is something like this. You must fix a drawing pin through A and into B. You will then find that the Totem will stand up very nicely.

16th Feb 1933  

Pack meeting.

Flown up – M. Rowthorne, Betty Ellis, J. Draper, Joan Tunn, Mary Barker.

First Class – Miriam Rowthorne, Betty Ellis, Mary Barker, Vi Barker, Joy Draper, Ena Walker, Jan Tunn, Vera Glenn, Mary Deighton.

Second Class – M. Barker, V. Barker, M. Deighton, J. Tunn, B. Ellis, E. Walker, M. Rowthorne, V. Glenn, J. Draper, C. Percival, D. Dickens, Molly Rowthorne, J. Bennett, D. Mopham, D. Spencer, C. Dickens, J. Driscoll, H. Ellis, J. ward, T. Partridge, M. Swailes, B. Groome, M. Eave, J. Coth, G. Newell.

Recruit – J. Driscoll, J. Partridge, J. Walker, J. Bennet, D. Mephan, H. Ellis, M. Rowthorne, J. ward, T. Partridge, M. Cave, M. Swales, G. Newell, B. Groome, J. Cook.

First we had Fairy Ring then we had a Pow-wow ring and Brown Owl told us about the Brownie Concert and Outing. Brown Owl was not quite sure what we were giving for the concert but she told us most likely we should go to Whipsnade for the Outing, at which the Brownies gave a very hearty cheer. Afterwards we had games and work groups, then it was time to go home.

23rd Feb 1933

Pack meeting.

8 of the Brownies passed their second class and so they moved their names from the first step to the second.

2nd Mar 1933

Pack meeting

When we got to Brownies, Brown Owl told us as it was the first Lent Service at Church we would have “Fairy Ring” and then as soon as it was 6.45 we could put on our coats and each sixer could take her own six to church. So we had “Fairy Ring” and Brown Owl presented the wand to the “Sprites” as they were the winning six for the month of Feb. We then had a game and afterwards went to the Lenten Service which all the Brownies enjoyed.

9th Mar 1933

Pack meeting.

First Brown Owl told us our meetings would now begin at 5.45pm and the time marks would be taken then. Then Brown Owl gave all the Brownies their parts in the concert which is called “The Enchanted Shirt” and then at 6.45 all the Brownies went to church to the Lenten Service with Brown Owl and Tawny Owl, and Pack Leader and I stayed behind and wrote some of the songs out for the concert.

When the Brownies came out of church we played the “Dragon Game” and afterwards “Taps”

15th Mar 1933

Pack meeting.

We played games until six o’clock and then we had work groups until 6.45 and then Brown Owl told all the Brownies who had got speaking parts in the concert could not go to church but must stay behind with her to practice. So Tawny Owl, Pack Leader and I took all the other Brownies to church. When we came out we had the “Dragon Game” (which is a great favourite) then it was time to go home so we ended the meeting with “Taps”.

22nd Mar 1933

The Brown Owl from Higham came to pass the Second Class Brownies for their First Class tests. Miss Wright (Higham Brown Owl) passed the Brownies for skipping, making rice pudding, bandaging for cut knee and finger, compass points and for knowing what to do with a person whose clothing is on fire, how to lay and light a fire, the last verse of “God Save the King.”

23rd Mar 1933

Pack meeting.


We played “Mr. Jingle” and “Princess” until six o’clock. We then had work groups at which the First Class Brownies worked hard with their semaphore in readiness for the coming Wed, then at 6.45 all Brownies except the First Class group went to church with Brown Owl.

Afterwards we had a competition for the sixes, the Brownies were told to go to their homes. We then gave each a potato, a pair of scissors and some pins. Then the potato was passed round the six. Each Brownie had to pick a pin up with the scissors and stick it in the potato. Each six was given 8 minutes at the end of which the six with the most pins in their potato was the winning six. Imps won with 12 pins. We then had “Taps” before going home.

29th Mar 1933

Miss Wright came from Higham to pass the First Class people for “Semaphore” and “Growing Cress”. Every Brownie passed, they were: Joy Draper (Imp sixer) Miriam Rowthorn (Imp sixer), Joan Tunn (Gnome sixer), Violet Barker (Gnome second), Mary Barker (Pixie sixer), Christine Percival (Elf sixer) Ena Walker (Elf second), Betty Ellis (Fairy sixer), Mary Deighton (Fairy sixer), Dulcie Dickens (Sprite sixer), Vera Glenn (Sprite second)

30th Mar 1933

Pack meeting.

We played games until 6.45 and then the Brownies went to church with Brown Owl and Tawny Owl. Pack Leader and I stayed behind to write out the Fairy Queen part for the concert.

When the Brownies came out of Church we had the “Dragon Game” and then had “Taps” and it was time to go home.

6th Apr 1933

Pack meeting.

We had a game of “Mrs. Jingle” and then Brown Owl taught the “Grand Chian” then at 6.45 the Brownies went to the last Lent Service with Brown Owl and Tawny. When they came out of church Brown Owl asked the Brownies what game they would like to play and they all shouted at the top of their voices for, O dear me! “The Dragon” so of course we played the “Dragon” Games, had “Taps and it was time to go home.

13th Apr 1933

We changed our  Pack Meeting to a practice and  Mr. Lowe came to see us and was very pleased with all the Brownies.

20th Apr 1933

Brownie concert practice.

27th Apr 1933

Brownie concert practice.

4th May 1933

Brownie concert practice.

6th May 1933

We had dress rehearsal round the Institute.

8th May 1933

The Sunday School Children had their dress rehearsal in the Co-op Hall at 6 o’clock until 7 o’clock and then the Brownies had their rehearsal at 8 o’clock until 9.15pm. The Sunday School Children’s Concert was “The Wrong Side of the Bed.”

(From “Newsclip” included in the Log Book)

Seventy children of St. Mary’s Sunday School gave a delightful entertainment at the Co-operative Hall, Rushden on Tuesday evening. They performed cleverly to a large audience in two musical plays, “The Wrong Side of the Bed” and “The Enchanted Shirt.”

There was much pleasing singing and the solo dances were a strong factor, the children having been trained for these by the Misses Robinson, Pryor and Campion.

In “The Enchanted Shirt” the players were all members of the St. Mary’s Brownies’ Pack trained by Miss N. Whiting and Miss N. Swann with Cora Roddis as pianist. The other production was prepared by Miss E. Southam, Miss L. Sharp and Mrs. L. Priestley, the pianist being Miss D. Underwood.

Stationed in the concealed corner, the Halcyon Band played agreeable music between the intervals.

Mr. W. Lowe (Sunday School Superintendent) attended to the business arrangements and assisted with the coaching, Capt. McNulty of the Church Army co-operating.

At the close of Tuesday’s performance a vote of thanks to all helpers was proposed by Capt. McNulty. The proceeds of the entertainment were for church purposes.


Fairy Queen – Mary Barker Prime Minister – Betty Ellis
Train Bearer – Irene Dickens Page – Joan Bennet
King – Miriam Rowthorne Old Nancy (fairy disguised) Gwen Newell
Queen – Vera Glenn Darby – Dulcie Dickens
Princess – Violet Barker Joan – Joan Tunn
Prince – Clarice Dickens

Woodbines – Christine Percival, Gwen Newell, Jean Partridge, Dorothy Morris, Audrey Mackness, Mary Cave, Iris Holiday.

Violets – Gwen Gaunt, Joan Myers, Jane Cook, B. Travell, N. Hodgkins, J. Driscoll, E. Helisak.

Celandine – Mary Deighton, J. Ward, H. Ellis, J. Rice, B. Groom, J. Wagstaff, A. Copson.

Sweetbriar – Joy Draper, J. Fentiman, D. Spencer, Dinah Mepham, G. Willmot, Molly Rowthorne, Edwina West.

25th May 1933

Brown Owl told us we should now have to practice for the Brownie Revels which are to be held on June 22nd Friday at “Eastfields” so we went up the Paddock and practised the games for the “Revels” which are first of all “Scotch Ball”, “Hark the Robbers”, “Hoop Game” and “Bursting Bags.”

“Hark the Robbers” is our pack game as each pack is to do a game of their own.

After we had played most of the games the Scouts wanted the Paddock so we went back to the Vestry Hall and the Brownies started to make their dolls beds and clothes.

Brown Owl chose the smallest Brownies for the “Robbers” in “Hark the Robbers”. They were Jean Rice and Irene Dickens, Hazel Ellis and Molly Rowthorne and Brenda Smith and Mary Compton.

Scotch Ball – Gwen Newell, Norah Hopkins, Audrey Mackness, Vi Barker, Joan Darnell and Dorothy Morris.

Hoop Game – Mary Deighton, Gladys Wilmott, Dinah Mepham, Jean Ward, Mary Cave and Jacqueline Cook.

Bursting bags – Edna Hallioak, Gwen Gaunt, Joan  Bennet, Mirrie Rowthorne, Betty Ellis, Vera Glenn, Grace Mackness, Ena Walker, Mary Barker, Bessie Groom, Jean Walker, B. Travell.

Reserves – Edwina West, Joyce Fentiman, Joyce Wagstaff, Doreen Spencer, Mary Swales.

1st June 1933

Pack meeting.

We went up the Paddock and practised the “Drive Past” and some games for the Revels.

The Brown Owl told us some splendid news. This is what she told us - that we are going to the Zoo for our Brownie outing and we should also go round the Guide and Scout Headquarters if we still had time.

Then the Raunds Brown Owl came to see Brown Owl so Tawny Owl read some “Little Brownie Rhymes” out of a Brownie Book which belonged to Joy Draper. We then had “Prayers and Taps”. Next week (June 8th) is holiday week, Whitsun.

15th Jun 1933

We went up the Paddock as it had been a nice sunny day and Brown Owl called for Fairy Ring and then told us that she had a lot of badges to give out though unfortunately many of the Brownies were away owing to measles. These are the Brownies that were at the pack meeting. Brown Owl told us that after tonight we were to have a fortnight’s holiday.

First class
Second class
Fairy sixer
Betty Ellis
Joy Draper
Imp sixer
Fairy seconder
Mary Deighton
Molly Rowthorne
Gnome sixer Vi Barker Norah Hodgkins Pixie
Pixie sixer Mary Barker Hazel Ellis Elf
Sprite second Vera Glenn
Imp second Miri Rowthorne

Norah Hodgkins as then given a stripe and made Pixie Second. Brown Owl then collected “subs” and pack leader and I fetched 33 penny ice cream cornets with the “subs” and when the Brownies had eaten them we played a game of “Long and Shorts” then we had Prayers and it was home time.

24th June 1933

Saturday. St. Mary’s Garden Fete held in the Rectory Grounds.

Because the Brownies were unable to give a display as the pack, Brown Owl and Tawny Owl suggested having a lucky dip and the sixers and seconds who were able to come were dressed up as Gipsies in turns and sat by a camp fire. The scouts had lent us a tent. A card with these words was tied on to the tent. “Try the Gypsies Lucky Stew.”

6th July 1933

Pack meeting.

First we had “Pennies and “Fairy Ring”. We then played all the games we shall have to play at the Revels. Brown Owl then told us some more news about London and she said it would most likely be about 3s 6d to 4s. Then before going home we played some of our usual games like the “Dragon” and “Bluebird.”. “Prayers and Taps”.

13th July 1933

Pack meeting.

Brown Owl gave each Brownie that needed one a new summer hat. We then had “Pennies” and “Fairy ring” then pack leader and I strewed some leaves and flowers of all different kinds about the paddock while Brown Owl was talking to the Brownies. Then when we had strewed all of them Brown Owl told each Brownie to find one leaf then come and sit in a ring with her treasure leaf hid tightly in her hand then starting from Tawny we each described our treasure and we had to guess what it was. The Sprite second recovered the most treasures numbering 6. We then played one or two games and also we practised the “Drive Past”. We then had “Prayers and Taps”.

16th July 1933

Sunday Flower Service.

Photograph enclosed in the book

We all met at Rectory Road at 10.30am and paraded to church. First the scouts, then cubs, then brownies, then guides, and Brown Owl was very pleased with us as there were 36 of us and Tawny Owl said we marched beautifully. When we came out of church we did not parade back to Rectory Road because Brown Owl and The Scoutmaster and Guide Captain all said we should not have much time so we dismissed outside the church at 12.45pm. We assembled again at 1.45pm with our baskets of fruit and eggs and bunches of flowers and at 2 o’clock the choir and the Sunday Schools i.e. Newton Road and National, joined us and we had our photos taken and we all paraded to church and although it rained most of the time there were many people turned out to see the procession to the church. First the Salvation Army Band, then the Choir, the Scouts, Cubs, Brownies, Guides and Sunday Schools.

We got to church at 3pm and after a very nice service and all the people had gone home also the Brownies and Cubs except for the Sixers and Seconds who stayed behind with the Scouts and Guides to take the baskets of fruit and flowers to the sick in the parish.

20th July 1933

Thursday Pack meeting.

First we had “Pennies” then “Fairy Ring”. Then it was time to run about. Brown Owl told the Brownies a story while the pack leader and I gathered some wood, then we had a camp fire and Brown Owl and Tawny Owl taught us some new songs, after which we had “Prayers and Taps” and it was time to go home.

27th July 1933

Pack meeting.

Our pack invited St. Peter’s Pack to come to our pack meeting which they did and we all took our supper and while pack leader and I made a fire, both packs played the “Dragon” game and one or two more. Then when the fire burned we all sat round and had our supper. Afterwards we sang Brownie songs until it was time to go home. We then had “Prayers and Taps” and Brown Owl told us we had three weeks holiday and after then we should have to get ready for the outing.

24th Aug 1933

Pack meeting.

We had “Pennies” first and then all the Brownies went to their “Homes” and made some of the clothes for their “Doll’s Beds” which are to be shown at the “Revels” which is to take place up at “Eastfields” on September 16th.

Afterwards we practised marching as we are to parade on Saturday afternoon and Brown Owl told us she would very much like us to win first prize this year, as we only lost it by half a mark last year and that was because one very small Brownie turned her head to see her mother but this year even the smallest Brownie was not going to do that, because we all very much wanted to win the prize of 10/-.

Before going home Brown Owl and Tawny gave each Brownie a piece of paper with the fare on for London, where we shall soon be going.

26th Aug 1933.

Saturday “Temps” parade.

We down to Spencer Park at 1.20pm and Mr. Marshall Bailey inspected us at 1.45pm. We paraded round Wellingborough Road and down the High Street and up Victoria Road to “Eastfields”. In the parade there were the Salvation Army Band, Temps Band, Baptist and Wesleyan Brigades of Higham and Rushden (girls and boys) and Rushden, Thrapston and two Finedon jazz bands and us. After we had dismissed we all had an ice cream and then after looking round the stalls and having games and goes on the clock and hoopla we went home to have tea.

After tea the jazz bands gave entertainments on the lawn, for which they were judged. At 8.15pm the prizes were given, first for the baby show and then the brigades. In the senior section girls, the Wesleyan Brigade (girls) got the cup and the Wesleyan Boys took the first prize for marching and Bugle Band and the Baptist got the bugle band. Then came the junior section “2nd St. Mary’s Brownie Pack” first prize was called. Oh how we cheered as Brown Owl went to fetch it. There was not a second prize and then the jazz band was given to the Thrapston and Finedon were second. Afterwards we all went home. Our prize was 10/-.

31st Aug 1933

Pack meeting.

First we had “Fairy Ring” and “Pennies” and Tawny told us Brown Owl was unable to come so all the Brownies went to their homes and put all their clothes right on the Dolls’ beds. Then we had a competition and the Brownies had to take notice of what we had on and then Pack Leader and I went in the little room and changed some of our clothes and the Brownies had to write down what we had changed. The winner was the Pixie second being the only one in the six as it was still holiday. Many of the Brownies had forgotten to come to Pack Meeting.

After we had played a few games Pack Leader and I taught the Brownies a few songs we had learned at camp, like “Three Pirates”, “Poor old Aunty” and “Walls Ices”. We then had “Prayers” and went home.

7th Sept 1933

Pack meeting.

We had “Pennies” and “Fairy ring” then one or two games like “The Dragon” and Mr. Jingle” and some of the “Revel” games, then Brown Owl gave the Brownies who were going to the Zoo a piece of paper with this printed on it.

Name Brenda Smith St. Mary’s Brownie Pack.

Leave Rushden for St. Pancras 11.40am

Leave St. Pancras for Rushden 9pm.

Each Brownie was told to put this in her pocket and if she got lost she must give it to anyone or go to a “Lost children’s shelter” and all the Brownies were to wear winter hats and to take a coat and something to eat in the train. We then had “Taps” and went home.

9th Sept 1933

Pack Outing.

We all met at the station at 11.40am and we boarded the 11.50am train to St. Pancras. We were all in very high spirits and we sang songs and told “Fairy Tales” until we arrived in London at 2pm. A bus came to St. Pancras to meet us and take us to the Zoo. When we were inside the Zoo, Brown Owl divided all the Brownies up into three and Pack Leader, Cora (Guide), Doris (Guide) and I had three Brownies each and Tawny and Brown Owl had all the tiny Brownies. Some of the animals we saw were yaks, reindeers. mountain goats, wolves, bears, monkeys, lions, chimps, leopards hippos, rhinos, giraffes and many other animals, also many birds like eagles, parrots, hawks, brown owls and white owls and tawny owls. We had our tea in one of the Lyon’s tea shops at 6 o’clock. After tea we went to see the reptiles and at 7 o’clock the zoo closed and we boarded the bus we had hired and before taking us back to the station the driver took us to see just a few sights of London, like St. Paul’s, St. Martins in the Fields, Somerset House, Old Bailey, Trafalgar Square and the Houses that were standing when the Great Fire of London raged. We started back home at 9.30pm and arrived back here at 10.50pm all very tired and happy after a most glorious day at the zoo. Hurray!!

16th Sept 1933

Brownie Revels.

Saturday 16th September 1933

Tawny had to take Brown Owl’s place and Cora (Guide) had to take Pack Leaders place as they were unable to come. Brownie Revels was held at “Eastfields” and we all met there at 3.15pm and first we had the Drive Past, Miss Wilson McQueen taking the salute and then the competitions began. First the dolls’ beds were judged, then we had individual games. Then Miss Mantz told all the Brownies a story. We then had songs like “Peter works with one hammer”, “I hear thunder” and “Heads and Shoulders”. Next came the “Hoop Relay” and the “Bursting Bags” and “Scotch Ball”. We then had “Fairy Ring” using our Totem. Then Miss McQueen gave out the results and the winning pack received a shield which was given by Lady Marchinson. As the Hargrave Pack and the Raunds St. Peters Pack were tied, one sixer from each pack fetched the shield and they were to have it six months each. We then had “Taps” and all went home.

21st Sept 1933

Pack meeting.

We first had “Pennies” then the “Fairy Ring” and Tawny told us Brown Owl was unable to come. We then had a general knowledge test with 18 questions. Gnomes was correct with 16 correct, the Imps second with 13 correct. We then had a colour game where each Brownie is given a colour and someone calls an article out and the colour of the article runs. We then had an acting game. We all picked a piece of paper out of a box and on the piece of paper was a name of a well known person and we each had to act as that person. We then had “Brown Owl says”, then some of the games we played at Revels. It was then time to go home.

28th Sept 1933

Pack meeting.

We had “Pennies” first, then as Brown Owl was still unable to come and Tawny had to leave us at 6.45pm, Pack Leader and I took the meeting. First we had a competition where each six had a piece of paper with so many pieces of paper cut out and each six then had to find the paper that fitted. Afterwards we played games and had a camp fire. It was then time to go home and so we had “Fairy ring” and “Prayers and Taps”.

5th Oct 1933

Pack meeting.

We played games until the marks were counted up, then we had “Fairy Ring” and Brown Owl gave the marks out and Fairies were top with 130 marks. Imps were second of course. Fairies won the wand.

Then Brown Owl said as it was winter again we should have to start work again so the Brownies who are First Class formed one group to work for badges and the Brownies who are second class formed a group to work for First Class then the Tenderfoots formed another group to work for Second Class and the recruits formed a fourth group to pass their Recruit Test and so be a Tenderfoot. After group work we played one or two games and it was then time for Prayers.

12th Oct 1933

Pack meeting.

We played “Mr. Jingle” until Tawny and Pack  Leader came and then we had “Pennies” and each six went to their own “homes” and the Sixers talked to their own six about six work, while Tawny and Brown Owl decided who to have for Sixers and Seconds as most of our Sixers and Seconds and First Class People are to fly up into Guides.

After the sixes were re-organised we had plenty of time spare before home time so, as the Brownies so wanted to play “Charades” that Brown Owl said as we had got time we would play charades. After each six had given a “Charade” also “Little People” it was time for “Taps”.

19th Oct 1933

Pack meeting.

We played “Three Jolly Fishermen” then had “Pennies” and “Fairy Ring”. We then had work groups. After work groups we played some more games and then as the Brownies wanted “Little People” to give a  Charade we left all the Brownies sitting in a ring singing while we dressed up in the passage for our “Charade” after which it was time to go homes. Little People are Brown Owl, Tawny Owl, Pack Leader Mary and Pack Leader Joan.

26th Oct 1933

Pack meeting.

First we played “Oats and Beans” and then we had “Fairy Ring” and “Pennies” then each six went to their “Home” and Brown Owl told each six to imagine they were going for a picnic and each six had to write out a list of things they would need.

One of the Lists. For six tiny Brownies
2 lbs of sugar
½lb of butter
½lb of butter
½pt of milk
6 plates and forks and knives, spoons, cups and saucers
1 teapot
1 kettle and a box of matches
Potted meat, salmon paste, jelly, custard, cakes and biscuits
1½ loaves
Groundsheet to sit on
Picnic basket

Imps first. Gnomes second. Pixies Third.

We then played a semaphore relay game and a relay with ties. Then the games “When I was a schoolgirl” and “Poor Roger” and it was time for home “Taps”.

2nd Nov 1933

Pack meeting.

First we had “Fairy Ring” and “Pennies” then Brown Owl and Tawny taught us some new games. One was called “I wouldn’t be a girl”. The Brownies skip round the room and sing

“I wouldn’t be a girl with a bonnet and a curl

Would you?

I would be a duck whose every word is quack

Would you?”

And the Brownie in the centre of the ring says “No I’d rather be a ...” and whatever she says the other Brownies run to the home and act it.

Then every Brownie was given a piece of paper and told to tear out an animal to put in Noah’s Ark and the Brownie whose animal was the best had to draw a Noah’s Ark and put her animal in the door and the other Brownie’s animals came in two by two.

We then had work groups and then prayers and Brown Owl told us that on Sunday it was Church Parade and we should put our wreath on the Cenotaph.

5thNov 1933


First we met at “HodgesRectory Road and marched down to the Cenotaph. Scouts and Cubs then Brownies and Guides. The Brownies chosen to lay the wreath (which consisted of white and pink chrysanthemums and red poppies) on the Cenotaph were Imp Sixer - Joy Draper, Fairy Sixer - Betty Ellis and Gnome Sixer - Mirri Rowthorne. The Guides then put their wreath on. The Scouts and Cubs were not going to put their wreath on until the 11th. We went to church.

9th Nov 1933

Pack meeting.

First we had “Fairy Ring” and “Pennies” then each six went to their “Home” and made up a story putting into it a Milkman, Postman, Old Lady, 3 Brownies, Frosty morning and A Good Turn.

Then the sixers told the story which their six had made up. The Brownies then voted for the best story and the Imps won with 10 votes.

Then some cards with the alphabet on them were put round the room and the Brownies were given names by their Sixer. They were Tiger, Lion, Giraffe, Rhino, Elephant and Kangaroo. Tawny then signalled a letter and Brown Owl called out an animal and the first animal to bring the card with the letter on to Brown Owl won a point for her six.

We then played “Princess” and then we had “Taps and Prayers”

16th Nov 1933

Pack meeting.

First we played “Three Fishermen” then we had “Fairy Ring” and “Pennies”. We then played a relay game of “Threading the Needle”. Then Tawny told each six to go to their “Homes” and the sixer was given a piece of paper and all the six went into the little room and on the table there are 25 articles and when each six had been to see the articles the sixer had to write down the articles the six could remember.

Here is a list of the articles.

Penny, Pin, Pencil, Pen, Pencil Case, Book, String, Lanyard, Tin, Chalk, B.Badge, G.Badge, Scissors, Canvas, Tiepin, Knife, Cotton, Needle, Stamp, Comb, Mirror, 3yr Sixer, 1yr Sixer Service Star, Second C,Badge

 We then had work groups, afterwards we played “Musical Past” and “My name is Queen Mary” and then had “Prayers and Taps”.

23rd Nov 1933

Pack Meeting.

First we had “Pennies” and “Fairy ring” then we played “Weave the Magic in and out,” and “Green grows the Ivy” and a Relay drawing the Union Jack. The Gnomes Flag was the top, Fairies second, Elves third. Then Brown Owl told the Brownies to go to their “Home” and each Sixer was given a sheet of newspaper and told to make a table and tear out the dishes and plates. Afterwards we played “Lovely Princess” and then we had Work Groups after then the First Class Brownie gave a charade with the help of Pack Leader Mary called “Excelsior” then Brown Owl called for a “Fairy Ring” and a new recruit was enrolled and made a real Brownie we then had “Taps and Prayers”.

30th Nov 1933

Pack meeting.

First we played games then we had “Fairy Ring” and “Pennies” then the Brownies went to their homes and Brown Owl told each six to make up another verse to “Poor Old Auntie” and the Gnomes were best which is as follows

“Poor old aunty will never come back again
What e’er she says is all in vain.
Poor old aunty is going in an aeroplane
Up in the air, up in the air, up in the air, up.

Poor old aunty flew over land and sea
Poor old aunty is watching over me.
Poor old aunty never no more will be
On the earth, on the earth, on the earth down here.”

The Pixies came second with

“Poor old aunty when she got up into the sky
Face to face with the moon on high
The stars did shine on the river there
Bumpity, bumpity, bumpity bump.”

We then had work groups, afterwards we played “3 fishermen”, “Oats and Barley” and “Musical Post”. It was then time for “Prayers and Taps.”

7th Dec 1933

Pack meeting.

First we played games then we had “Fairy Ring” and “Pennies” then Brown Owl told the Brownies to go to their “Homes” to talk about their six.

Afterwards Brown Owl called for a pow-wow ring and told us that on Dec 16th we are going to give a party for the cripples and as the Guides were going to do the same, Brown Owl and Tawny and the Guide Captain decided to join together and give one big party and as the Guides are going to give a sketch Brown Owl wondered what the Brownies could do and finally decided to act the three pirates.

Pirates Ena Walker- Elf Sixer

          Vera Glenn- Sprite sixer

          Audrey Mackness- Elf second.

Landlord – Clarice Dickens

Landlord’s daughter – Edna Halioak

King – Joan Bennett

Page – Jacqueline Cook.

14th Dec 1933

Pack meeting.

First we played games then we had “Fairy Ring” and “Pennies” then all the Brownies went to their “Homes” and the Sixers helped their Brownies with different work. Brown Owl then called the “Fairy Ring” and the new sixers and seconds were chosen as the present sixers and one or two of the seconds will be going to Guides at Christmas. The Brownies chosen are

Elf Sixer – Ena Walker, Elf Second – A. Mackness.

Fairy sixer – Mary Deighton, Fairy second – Edna Halioak

Imp sixer – Clarice Dickens, Imp second – Joan Bennett.

Gnome sixer – Gwen Newell, Gnome second – Dorothy Morris.

Pixie sixer – Norah Hodgekin, Pixie second – Mary Cave

Sprite sixer – Vera Glenn, Sprite second – Doreen Spencer.

We then practised “Three Pirates” and Brown Owl and Tawny Owl had decided to have “Cinderella’s coach” so Mary Cave was chosen for Cinderella, Mary Swales for Prince, Jacqueline Cook for Page, Gwen Newell for Faith Godmother. Brown Owl and Tawny then asked each Brownie what food they could bring and we were to  meet at the “Store” at 2pm.


16th Dec 1933


First we had tea . There were three long tables and we had 40 guests.

After tea we played games until the Mothers, Brown Owl, Tawny Owl and Guide Captain had tea. Then Brown Owl offered a shilling to the boy and girl visitor who recited the best then Joy Draper (ex. Imp Sixer) danced after which the Robin Patrol gave Nursery Rhymes and the Brownies gave “Three Pirates”. We then had “Musical Mat” and the game “My name is Queen Mary” then we had “Musical Parcel”. The Guides then sang camp fire songs and we had “Mystery Parcel”. Then we played Cinderella and Cinderella drove round and distributed oranges, sweets, chocolate and toys to the visitors before going home after a very enjoyable evening.

(Taken from a newsclip from Local Paper)

Cinderella at Rushden - Delightful Treat for Crippled Children

Cinderella came to life again at Rushden on Saturday as the bringer of seasonable little gifts to crippled children.

The coach in which she paid many calls was only the size of a baby carriage and may even have been one, but it was decked in gold and drawn by elves and fairies and 40 small guests at St. Mary’s Institute thought it was fine.

Their Good Turn

It the truth were known, Cinderella may have joined the Girl Guides, for the party was given by the 2nd Rushden (St. Mary’s) Brownies and Guides as a Christmas Good Turn. It was one of many kind acts performed by uniformed girls throughout the country and while the Rushden Children were assembled Lady Baden-Powell was broadcasting from London a Christmas message intended for all such gatherings. The guests were selected by the Rushden Clubs Committee for the Blind and Crippled Children. They arrived quite early in the afternoon and were welcomed by all the Brownies and Guides who each brought provisions for the tea.

The Rector (the Rev. Travers Stoney) and his wife called in and the Clubs’ Committee were represented by Mr. H. Rice and Mr. G. Colburn.

Small Eisteddfod

Both before and after tea, the Brownies and their crippled friends played games together. The visitors were invited to sing or recite and the best items by a girl and boy earned a shilling reward. The Guides presented nursery rhymes and the Brownies did action songs and Guide Joy Draper danced.

All too soon the wonderful coach glided in behind its team of fairies and elves and lovely Cinderella distributed her store of oranges, sweets and chocolate as goodnight gifts.

Brown Owl Miss Nora Whiting had charge of the party and was assisted by Tawny Owl  Miss Swann, Capt. Mrs. Craddock, Mr. W. Lowe and the Guide and Brownie Mothers.

21st Dec 1933

Pack meeting.

Every Brownie invited a friend and everyone brought a penny which Brown Owl collected. Then we played games first. “Three Fishermen”, “Green grows the Ivy”, “Muffin man”, “My name is Queen Mary” and “Musical Post.”

Then Brown Owl and Tawny handed round the refreshments which had been bought with our pennies, then we played “Nuts and May”, “Princess(dressed up)”. Then we had camp fire and Brown Owl told us we had two weeks holiday, beginning back to Brownies on Jan 11th 1934.

Thu-wit, thu-woo, thu-wit, thu-woo
Brown Owl says
Thu-wit,  thu-woo, thu-wit, thu-woo
Tawny Owl says
Goodbye 1933
We will all fly away to 1934.


We’re the Brownies here’s our Aim. Lend a hand and play the Game.

This is what we do as Elves
Think of others not ourselves.

Here you see the laughing Gnomes
Helping others in our Homes.

We’re the Fairies glad and gay
Helping others every day.

Look out we’re the jolly Pixies
Helping people when in fixies.

We’re the ever helpful Imps
Quick and quiet as any Shrimps.

Here you see the sprightly Sprites
Brave and helpful like the Knights.

Thu-whit, Thu-whoo, Thu-whit, Thu-woo Thu-whit, Thu-woo
Lah, Lah, Lah.

11th Jan 1934

Pack Meeting.

First we played “Three Fishermen” and “Mr. Jungle” and “Green grows the Ivy”. Then we had “Fairy Ring” and “Pennies”.

Then each Brownie looked out of the window and she had to remember the colour of something she had seen.

We then played a new game and each Brownie numbered to 1,2,3,4 and stood in little circles and when we sang No.1

We then played “Queen Mary” and “When I was  schoolgirl.”

Then Brown Owl gave out the Notices – Church Parade on Sunday. Brownie Party Jan 20th in the Vestry Hall.

Marks for Jan 11th

Elves – 9, Imps – 12, Fairies -9, Pixies - 9½, Gnomes - 11½, Sprite - 11

18th Jan1934

Pack meeting.

First we played “Green grows the Ivy” and then we had “Fairy Ring” and “Pennies”. We then played “My name is Queen Mary”. We then had a relay games with ties.

Afterwards we had work groups (½ hour), after work groups the First Class people gave a “Charade”, the word being “Canada.”

The Brownies then sang songs while the “Little People” decided what to do as a charade. We finally decided to do “Tawny”.

Then Brown Owl told us about our Brownie Party which is to be held on Saturday 12th Jan in the Vestry Hall in uniform at 3pm until 7.20pm. We then had “Prayers” and “Taps”.

Marks for Jan 18th

Elves – 6, Fairies - 4½, Gnomes – 8, Imps – 4, Pixies - 10½, Sprites - 11½.

(Little People – Brown Owl, Tawny Owl, P.L. Mary, P.L. Joan.)

20th Jan 1934


We all arrived at the Vestry Hall at 3.15pm and we had tea at 3.30pm. We had two long tables and the mothers served a splendid tea of jelly, custard, cakes, biscuits, trifle and other delicacies. The mothers cleared the tables and did the washing up and Mr. Clayton had taken the tables down. We played 4pm “Hunting we will go” 4.15pm “Queen Mary”, 4.25pm “I wouldn’t be a girl”. 4.35pm “Musical Post”, 4.50pm “Oats and Beans”, 5pm “Musical Parcel”. We also had to sit on a chair and the Brownie whose chair had a cross on was the lucky Brownie and she had a doll as a prize winner. The winner of the luck plate at teatime was Brownie Hazel Ellis (prize a tea set). We then played “Lovely Princess” and “Three Fishermen”. After these all the sixers gave a Charade, then we played “When I was a schoolgirl” and “Musical Mat”. “ St. Peter’s Brownies won the prize for “Musical Mat” being a ball. The Brownies played “Nuts in May” until the Little People, St. Peter’s Brown Owl and Mr. Clayton got a Charade ready. It was the word (King Kong) which the Brownies soon guessed. We then played “Isaac and Rebecca” and “Stations” then Brown Owl and Tawny Owl gave us all some sweets and an orange and as some of the mothers had come for the Brownies and it was 8pm Brown Owl closed the evening with “Prayers” and “Taps” and everyone went home tired and happy after a jolly party.

25th Jan 1934

Pack meeting.

First we played games some of which were “Three Fishermen”, “Green grows the Ivy” and “Oats and Beans”. Then “Fairy Ring” and “Pennies”. We then had a race to get warm, then each six went to their “Homes” to make up some rhymes to 1. Can dance very lightly. 2. Can salute very sweetly.

We then went to work groups for half an hour.

Afterwards we played “Dragon”.

Marks for Jan 25th Elves - 3½, Fairies – 4, gnomes – 9, Imps - 3½, Pixies - 7½, Sprite - 5½.

1st Feb 1934

Pack meeting.

First we played “Green grows the Ivy” and “Muffin Man” then Brown Owl and Tawny came and we had “Pennies”. Then each six went to their “Home” and Brown Owl told each six to make up as many words as possible out of the word “Adventurer”. The Sprites won with 29 words. Pixies 27 words, Gnomes 24 words, Imps 21 words, Fairies 20 words and Elves 17 words.

We then played the ring game of arches after which we had work groups for ½ hour.

After work groups we played “Three Fishers” then Brown Owl called for “Fairy Ring” and told us that we had decided what to have for concert and she would tell us who the chief parts were either next week or the next.

Marks for 1st Feb – Elves 22, Fairies 25, Gnomes 34½, Imps 24½, Pixies 36, Sprites 38½.

8th Feb 1934

Pack Meeting.

We played “Three Fishers” until Brown Owl came then we had “Fairy Ring” and “Pennies” and Brown Owl gave the wand to the winning six for the month of February. The Gnomes won with 28½ marks. Fairies 17½, Elves - 18½, Sprites – 28, Pixies - 27½, Imps - 19½. Jean Partridge, Mary Swailes and Jean Ward passed 2nd class on Feb 5th.

Then we had an inspection. Then Brown Owl said as Tawny was ill and Pack Leader Mary was not coming we could not have work groups so instead each six should do a “Charade.”

Afterwards we played “Green grows the Ivy” and it was time to go home.

Marks for Inspection.

Fairies – 10, Imps – 9 Gnomes – 12, Sprites – 16, Elves – 11, Pixies – 8.

Marks for Feb 8th Elves - 9½Imps- 6½ Fairies - 2½, Pixies - 3½ Gnomes-  7½ Sprites - 6½  

15th Feb 1934

Pack meeting.

First we played games, then when Brown Owl and Tawny Owl came with St. Peters Brown Owl and Tawny Owl we had “Fairy Ring” and “Pennies” and “Inspection”. Then we had a camp called “Bird and Beast” and the Elves won. Then we had a new kind of “Treasure Hunt”. All the sixes were called “Animals” e.g. Elves – cows, Sprites – Dogs, Fairies- Cats and each sixer was the farmer and when one of her animals found a bead (many were hidden) she meowed near it (if she was  cat) until the farmer fetched it. Fairies and Cats won with 49 beads. Then we had work groups for ½ hour.

Then we played “Green grows the Ivy” and “When I was a schoolgirl.” Afterwards we sat in “Fairy Ring” and sang “Brownie Songs.” Then Brown Owl told us that next week on Tuesday we are going up to St. Peter’s Brownie Pack Meeting and on Wed we are having our own pack meeting in the Scout room. The concert is called “the Duchess and the Dragon.” We then ended Pack meeting with “Prayers and Taps”. Marks for Feb 15th

Elves 72½ Gnomes - 48½, Sprites – 56, Fairies - 65½ Imps - 46, Pixies – 69.

20th Feb 1934

St. Peters Pack Meeting  Tuesday

St. Peters Brown Owl asked us to join their Pack Meeting so we all met at the Vestry Hall at 20 minutes past 6. We then walked in twos to St. Peter’s Parish Rooms. There we were met by the other Brownies and their Brown Owl and Tawny Owl.

First we had Fairy Ring, then the other Brownies taught us a new game called “Hop, Skip” which we all enjoyed, then we played “Dog and the Bone”, “Brownies and Broomsticks”, “Scotch Ball” and “Rolling the Ball through Arches” (Relay), “Musical Arches”, “Three Fishers”. We then taught the other pack “I wouldn’t be a girl” and “Green grows the Ivy”. After these we had “Prayers” and Taps” as the Guides wanted to start their meeting and everybody went home happy, dusty and thoroughly tired after a very nice “Pack Meeting.”

21st Feb 1934

Pack Meeting.

First we had “Pennies” and “Inspection”, then we played “Green grows the Ivy” and as our First Class Brownies were going to fly up into Guides, Brown Owl told them what to do, while we had groups etc. At 7o’clock we went round the Scout room (where the “Flying Up” ceremony was to be held) and until the visitors came we played games.

At 7.30pm the ceremony began, the Brownies formed a “Fairy Ring” up one end at the room and the Guides formed a Horse Shoe up the other end. First we had “Fairy Ring” round our Big Totem, and then Brown Owl went and stood beside the Totem and the First Brownie went up to her and saluted and Brown Owl said to her “Whither and Where?”

Brownie-“To fly up to the Guides”

Brown Owl – “Did you earn your wings to fly with?”

Brownie – “Yes Brown Owl.”

Brown Owl – “Will you take your First Class Knowledge and Brownie Promise Law with you to Guides and do your best for the company and always “Lend a Hand”?

Brownie – “Yes Brown Owl.”

Salute and shake hands.

The Brownies then ran round the Fairy Ring and up to the Horse Shoe and there Captain said “Who goes there?”

Brownie – “A Brownie from the pack.”

Captain – “By what right do you come?”

Brownie- “By the right of my wings.”

Captain – “Then welcome to the Robin Patrol.”

The Brownie was then enrolled as a Guide.

1st Mar 1934

Pack Meeting.

First we had “Fairy Ring” and “Pennies” and the work groups for half an hour. Then as it was the end of February Brown Owl gave out the marks and the Pixies won with 152½ marks

Sprites 151, Elves 138, Gnomes 134½, Fairies 126 and Imps 113.

The Gnomes, who were the Wand for January, gave it back to Brown Owl who then granted it to the Pixies.

We then played “Green grows the Ivy” and “The Dragon” game and “There came a little bluebird” and “Poor Roger. It was then time for “Prayers and Taps”.

Marks for March Elves 4, Fairies 4, Gnomes 4, Imps 5, Pixies 5, Sprites 6.

8th Mar 1934

Pack Meeting.

Oooooooh a very exciting Pack Meeting.

First we had “Fairy ring” and “Pennies”. Then Brown Owl told us all to get a chair and sit in a “Fairy Ring.” And we were then on board a ship and we were going to Australia but unfortunately we were shipwrecked. We all made a raft and we eventually arrived on an island which as far as we knew was uninhabited and we had to make homes for our six (in our own six home.)

We then had to write down a list of things we should eat and drink. Our food – Oranges, Bananas, Melons, Coconuts, Coconut milk, Birds killed with stones, Fish, Pineapple, Pineapple juice, Water and Nuts. After a few months of Island Life we were all terribly ragged so the ships Captain (Brown Owl) and her Second Mate (Tawny Owl) gave us each a sheet of newspaper which we pretended was grass and we had to make our own clothes. We then split up in groups. The first class people had to tell us the time by the sun and the second class people had to signal for help. Recruits had to tie lifelines. The Brownies who were already first class had to do bandaging. Then the Second in Command said as it was nearly home time we should have to end our Adventure by a “War Cry” and then we were rescued and brought back to England.

We had “Prayers” and then Brown Owl gave Jean Partridge and Mary Swailes their 2nd class Badge , Mary Drage Fairy Sixer Collectors and Thrifts Badges, Vera Glenn Sprite Sixer collectors badge, Ena Walker Elf Sixer collectors badge, Betty Ellis and Mary Barker/

Taps ended a wonderful and happy Pack Meeting Thursday.

Marks for March 8th

For best made raft Fairies and Pixies – 2

Fairies for nice roomy home – 2

Imps for best made home – 3

Elves for nicely made home – 2

For food –Elves 8, Fairies 5, gnomes 7, Imps 10, Pixies 6, sprites 8

For most practice dress fairies 2, gnomes 1, sprites 1.

Marks all together Fairies - 17½, Elves - 14½, Gnomes – 3, Sprites – 19½, Pixies – 15, Imps - 15½

15h Mar

Pack meeting.

First we had Pennies and Fairy ring and Inspection and Jean Ward was given her 2nd class Badge. We then played “Green grows the Ivy” and with a “Hop and a Skip”. After these we played a compass game and Brown Owl told us a story, while Tawny put some cards round the room marked with letters of the Alphabet A,B,C,etc. Then each Sixer gave her Brownies names. They were for example, Cats, Dogs, Cows, Hens, Ducks and Rabbits. Tawny signalled a letter in semaphore and whichever letter name Brown Owl called they had to find the signalled letter.

Then the Sixers played “Queen Mary” with the pack while the Little People dressed up for a charade (Miss Muffet’s Garden Party) after which Brown Owl gave out the notices and we had “Prayers and Taps.”

Marks for 8th March Elves 9½, Fairies 12, Gnomes 17, Imps 15, Sprites 15.

22nd Mar

Pack meeting.

First we had “Pennies” and “Fairy Ring” then Brown Owl said instead of our usual Pack Meeting we must have a General Practice for the concert to be held on May 9th and 10th and we have to work awfully hard as we still have a lot to learn and so many Brownies being down with Measles it made things rather difficult.

29th Mar

Pack meeting.

First we had “Fairy ring” and “Pennies” then we played “Green grows the Ivy” after this we sat round the “Stove” and all had Orange and some Monkey Nuts. We then played “Skipping” ( and you should have seen our Brown Owl and Tawny Owl trying to skip). We then played some more games, then the Little People gave a “charade”, the word being “Candidate” after which we had “Prayers and Taps” and Brown Owl told us we had one week’s holiday and she hoped everyone had lots of Easter Eggs.

12th Apr

Pack Meeting.

First we had “Fairy Ring” and “Pennies” then Brown Owl gave the wand to the winning six for the month, the six being Imps.

Then we played “Hark the Robbers” and “French Skipping” then we had a general concert practice.

19th Apr

Pack Meeting

First we had “Pennies” and “Fairy Ring” then we played “Green grows the Ivy” and “Queen Mary”. Then Brown Owl said we should have to have a full practice instead of our usual pack meeting.

Sir Magic:-“ Magic is my profession.

Dispensing charms and spells is my obsession.

To turn a dragon to  turtle dove

Is just the kind of little job I love.”

26th Apr

First we had “Pennies” and “Fairy Ring” then we started practice as we should not have many more practices before the concert.

Prince sings:- “You should not judge a man

By his coat of Astrakhan

Or the beauty of his blameless trouser creases

Or his Super Rolls Royce

Or the swagger of his voice

These merely indicate his golden pieces.”

Princess sings:- “You should not judge the girls

By their diamonds or pearls

Or the velvet bloom upon their pretty faces

For peach bloom and such stuff

Can be put on with a puff

And 'tis art to which they sometimes owe their graces”.

3rd May

Pack meeting and General Practice. Brown Owl told us to meet on Tuesday for Dress Rehearsal as the concert is on May 9th and 10th.

10th May


The Duchess and the Dragon.

King Dally  Ena Walker
Princess Prudence Mary Swailes
Prince Arriyan Clarice Dickens
Duchess  Vera Glenn
Lord Hyde Mary Cave
Baron Sykes Joan Bennett
Page Betty Patenall

17th May

Pack meeting.

First we had “Fairy Ring” and “Pennies” then Brown Owl said as we had not had a pack meeting for so long we would have a shipwreck like we did on Mar 8th. This time each six named their huts and the sixer and second were mother and father. These are the names

Elves – Mr. and Mrs. Elf  in “The Hut”

Sprites - Mr and Mrs. Mathews in “Happy Home”

Gnomes - Mr. and Mrs. Giggles in “Ivy Cottage”

Fairies - Mr. and Mrs. Fairy in “Benbow Cottage”

Pixies - Mr. and Mrs. Martin in “The Poplars”

Imps - Mr. and Mrs. Dove in “The Nest.”

7th Jun

Pack meeting.

Brown Owl said we must now practice hard for the Maypole as we had to give a display of Maypole Dancing at the Garden Fete then after the Garden Fete we should all have a rest and get ready for the outing. Practice every night. “Taps”

14th Jun

Pack meeting.

First we had “Pennies” and “Fairy ring” then we went up the Paddock to practice marching ready for Saturday as it is Carnival Day and we are entering. After marching we played games like “Poor Roger” and “My name is Queen Mary”. Then Brown Owl gave out the notices and told us that next Thursday there would not be a pack meeting as it is School Sports.

30th Jun

Garden Fete St. Mary’s

We all met at the Vestry Hall at 2pm and changed into our Dutch Clothes. We then paraded down High Street and up Coffee Tavern Lane to the Rectory, first the Town Band, then the Scouts and cubs, then the Guides, the Sunday School Children and the Brownies. After us came the Loch Ness Monster. We all went into the Paddock to hear the opening, then at 2.30pm Brown Owl took us round to the top lawn and we danced the Maypole. Just before the last dance the Guides collected. Brown Owl took us back to the Vestry to change into Brownie Uniform then she said we could go where we liked until 6.30pm when we should be giving the Maypole dancing again. The Brownies who were not in the Maypole Dancing had a Fairy Wishing Well and Brown Owl dressed them up as the Fairy Queen. The profit we made was given to the aid of the new Organ for which the fete was held.

5th July

Pack Meeting.

First we had “Fairy ring” and “Pennies” then Brown Owl said we would have a “Pow-Wow” to decide on the outing. Which would we rather do – go to the sea for a day or to London? Everyone decided on the sea and Brown Owl suggested Hunstanton and told us that Tawny and herself would get to know about the price and tell us next week. We then played games until home time. Then Brown Owl gave out the notices and told us that next week we would have an adventure if fine so we could all bring our suppers. “Good night”.

12th July

Pack Meeting.

It was a lovely fine evening so we all took our supper and met Brown Owl and Tawny at the Vestry Hall, then Brown Owl and Tawny took us up through Skinners Hill Fields and when we were half way along the path we heard someone calling and there was such a funny looking old lady running towards us. When she reached Brown Owl, she said “Oh dear. I’ve lost my son Jack, will you help me to find him.” Of course Brown Owl said we would so she took us round a ruined farmhouse, through a gate and along a narrow path until we came to ,oh what do you think – a witch. This old lady said “I daren’t go any further. She will take me prisoner. You go she won’t hurt you and please bring my Jack back. So Brown Owl took us to this witch. When we got to her she said “You cannot come up this path until your wrists are tied with a magic knot which only Jack can untie.” She tied our right wrist to our partners left wrist and we went up the magic path in couples but we had not gone far before we were met by a little person dressed in green pixie clothes and he told us we could not pass until we had found a piece of orange peel and a piece of silver paper. When we had found this we kept on up the path until we saw something all in brown coming towards us on all fours, and when he reached us it was the biggest Hare you ever saw. He beckoned to us to follow, he took us up a very narrow path in some bushes up a little slope and when we reached the top we were met by another Old Woman who told us we must find a real live spider “Ugh” before we could pass. This we did and then the Hare told us the witch was in the bushes and we must pass without her seeing us or she would call out “Seen” and that couple could not continue the search for Jack. Well when we passed her we saw Jack. He came running towards us and he said he had escaped but the giant still held his harp which he dared not leave behind and go home because his mother would be cross. So Brown Owl asked where the giant was hidden if we were to try and get it back for him. Jack pointed to a haystack and said “You see that red flag. That is where he is hidden the harp. I will give you this bead which is one life and if he sees you, you will be able to come back for another bead and have another life and again, but if he sees you the third time he will capture you. We all had a bead and started on the Hunt but in about five minutes the Giant held above half the Brownies captive and in less than a quarter of an hour only Brown Owl and two Brownies were left and Brown Owl found the Harp which she gave to Jack and he was then happy and so our adventure ended, but we all sat round in a Fairy  Ring and had supper and then we played games until it was time for home and “Taps” brought to a close a very happy and exciting evening.

19th July

Pack meeting.

First we had “Fairy Ring” and “Pennies” then we had work groups in the Vestry Hall for about half an hour. Then Brown Owl said we could go up the Paddock for the rest of our pack holiday. When we got up the paddock we had games on the see-saw and swing and some of the Brownies went with the Rector to climb trees. We then played “Dragon” and “Poor Roger” and “Oats and Beans” and “Filling the Gap”. We then played “When I was a Schoolgirl” and ended the pack meeting with “Prayers.”

26th July

Pack meeting.

First we had “Fairy Ring” and “Pennies”. We then played all the Brownie Games we know and two of the Sixers went to fetch – oooooooh guess – with the “Pennies” – ice cream cones.

2nd Aug

Pack meeting.

First we had “Fairy Ring” then “Pennies” then Brown Owl said we would play games. Some were Nursery Rhymes and many more.

(Log Book- “Oh dear! These Brownies do have a lot of playtime”

Brownies “Oooooh we’ll work in the winter.”)

Then before we went home Brown Owl told us we should start Brownies on August 25th and everyone wished everyone else a very happy holiday.

25th Aug

Pack meeting.

First we had Fairy Ring in the Vestry Hall, then Brown Owl said we would take our suppers up the Park. When we had found a suitable place to put our hats and suppers we had our photos taken and then played games, some of which we played were “In and Out among the Bluebells.” And “There came a little Bluebird.” “Green grows the Ivy”, “Stations”, “Robbers” and “Lovely Princess” then we had our supper and Brown Owl gave out the notices, “Outing” being the chief notice. We then played some more games then we closed pack meeting with prayers and taps.

30th Aug

Pack meeting.

First we had “Fairy Ring” and “Pennies” then we went to our Homes and played “French Skipping” and “Nursery Rhymes” and “When I was a Schoolgirl”. We then had “Inspection” and afterwards we played games, “The Muffin Man”, “I wouldn’t be a girl” and “The Farmer’s Wife”. We then had “Prayers and Taps” and Brown Owl gave out the notice telling us that we were going in the parade at the “Temps” Garden Fete on Saturday, every Brownie to be very smart with summer hats and no socks.

1st Sept

We all met down Spencer Park at 1.30pm and Brown Owl formed us into two ranks and we were inspected by Mr. Timpson, then we paraded round Wellingborough Road and up the High Street and up Newton Road to the Rectory Field where the Fete was held and we were judged en route. The Fete was opened by Mr. Sharwood. The prizes were given. Wesleyan Girls Brigade won the cup and St. Mary’s Brownies won the first prize in the Junior Section being 10/-

6th Sep

Pack meeting.

We had “Fairy Ring” and “Pennies” then Tawny played games with us and we sat in a circle and sang Brownie Songs ready for Saturday which is the “Outing”. We then had a game of adverts and altogether everyone seemed to be terrible, excited and done just as they pleased. Brown Owl told it was then time we all went Home to get ready for Saturday. We all took our costumes and towels and an ordinary frock to Pack Meeting and Brown Owl packed them in her case.

8th Sept

Brownie Outing.

It was a lovely bright morning and we all met at 10 minutes to 7 outside the Vestry Hall and when everyone was in the Bus we started for Hunstanton. The Brownies were all in one bus and the mothers in another. In our Bus (Brownies) we sang Brownie Songs all the while and you can guess what a noise the Brownies made when each few were singing something different with hardly any tune. We had our lunch at Wisbech, then we started off again and reached Hunstanton  and everyone changed and went for a bathe and some mothers paddled. Then we had dinner and afterwards everyone amused themselves either paddling or finding shells and taking photos. Then Brown Owl said we would have a sandcastle competition and Brown Owl and Tawny, St. Peters Brown Owl and Tawny would judge them. However all were very good so Brown Owl said at teatime everyone would be given 3d. We left the beach and got back into our Bus about 3 pm and went into Hunstanton. We had a lovely tea in a café on the prom, then all went to buy presents meeting at 6.30pm to start home. We stopped at Peterborough coming home but were unable to go into Peterborough as it rained fast. We reached home at 10.30pm, everyone happy but not too tired to be noisy, which showed just how much everyone had enjoyed themselves. This is not all, but as I was not with everyone I don’t know all that happened. OH! NO!

13th Sept

Pack meeting.

First Brown Owl gave out all the things that were left on Saturday, then we went up the Paddock and had “Fairy Ring” and “Pennies” then we played games and Brown Owl and Tawny Owl taught us a new one called “What Magic today”. First we all joined hands in “Fairy Ring” and one Brownie stood in the centre and she was the Magician. We all skipped round her singing “What Magic today? What magic today? Oh! Tell us, Oh! Tell us. What magic today?” then if the magician said “Blue” everyone pretended to swim, if “Green” to pick flowers, if yellow “to dance” if “Red” to make out you re hot, if “Brown” to do what a Brownie does, if “Black” to run away and if caught to be the Magician. We then had Notices and Prayers and Taps.

We also had a shell competition with shells from the “Outing”. Gnomes won with 28 shells.

20th Sept

Pack Meeting.

First we had a competition which was for each six to make a garden out of the flowers, boxes, soil and figures which the six had brought to pack meeting. This took most of our meeting up, the gnomes won with ten marks but their garden was beautifully made and the sixer had brought a tray and a house which she made and another sixer in her six brought a mirror and the rest of the six the flowers and soil. The Sprites came next with 5 marks and the Fairies, Elves, Pixies and Imps were level with 2 marks. We then played “What magic” and then we had prayers and Brown Owl told us it was “Big Parade” (Scouts) on Sunday and we all are to meet at 2pm with no socks and our winter hats.

27th Sept

Pack meeting.

First we had “Fairy ring” and “Pennies” and “Billy” had brought some apples to pack meeting so he gave all the Brownies and Little People one each. Then we had Work Groups for half an hour. We all worked “HARD” (because Brown Owl said we couldn’t have a Parents’ Night unless we did work hard and so have some badges given out on that night.) We then had another apple then the Imps and Elves gave a Charade which was “Constantinople” (Very good) then we had Notices, Prayers and Taps and another apple. Who likes apples? Brown Owl and Tawny Owl do.

4th Oct

Pack meeting.

First we had “Fairy Ring” and “Pennies”. Then Brown Owl gave up all the pieces of rock that Joan Driscoll had brought. We then started practicing for “Parents’ Night” half an hour.

Then we had work groups for half an hour after work groups we played “Oats and Beans” and “Green grows the Ivy”. We then had a piece more of Joan’s rock then “Prayers and Taps”.

11th Oct

Pack meeting

First we had Fairy Ring and Pennies then Brown Owl said we should have to practice for Parent’s Night which is on November 1st in the Institute. So I will tell you what we have been practising then. Prayers.

18th & 25th Oct

Pack meeting.

Practice for Parents’ Night.

1st Nov

Brownie Parents' Night.

Starting with “Weave the Magic” and then commencing Pack Meeting, First Brown Owl gave a little Speech then Pack Leader Mary took the Brownies in Musical Drill which the parents thought very good. Then we had a colour game in which each Brownie had a different colour and when an article of their colour was called the Brownie had to run to the Post and back. Marks were given then we had Maypole Dancing after the “Fairy Ring” and “Pennies” and “Enrolment”. Brownies were enrolled. Refreshments. After Enrolment we started the social part of the evening with “Hunting we will go”, then “Musical Parcel”. Mothers Race. Each had to run up to a Brownie and tie a man’s tie on them Winner Mrs. Walker. Fathers Race. Each Father had to run and tie on a Brownie a Hair Ribbon. Winner Mr. Walker. It was fun to see some of the bows. We ended with prayers and Mr. Stoney (Rector) judged the dolls’ houses and garden which the Brownies had made. Fairies won. In “Fairy Ring” Mrs. Brooke Hunt gave the badges and service stars. Everyone had a splendid time and was looking forward to the next party.

8th Nov

Pack meeting.

First we had “Fairy Ring” and “Pennies” then we practiced for a sketch to be given shortly in the Institute. Then Brown Owl went home as she was not well and we played “Dog and the Bone” then we went to our Homes and each Sixer had a piece of paper and a pencil. Tawny signalled a letter and whatever letter was signalled the Brownies had to think of something in Mother’s Shopping List e.g. S – Salt, T – Tea, P – Pepper. We then played “Three Fishermen”. Notices – “Armistice Day”

11th Nov

Armistice Day.

Brown Owl could not come and Tawny Owl had to take the Guides so Pack Leader Mary and I took the Brownies. We went to the Cenotaph Service. Brownies Vera Glenn, Norah Hodgkins and Gwen Newell placed the Brownie Wreath on the Cenotaph. Then we went to the Scout Room and had a short service then we paraded back to church where the Scout King’s colours were dedicated. Afterwards we marched back to Rectory Road. The Brownies Wreath was of White Chrysanthemums and Red Poppies made in the tracking sign “Gone Home”.

15th Nov

Pack meeting.

First we had “Fairy ring” and “Pennies” then Brown Owl said we would have a game of “Compass Points”. Then we played “Green grows the Ivy”. We then practised the sketch we are to give on November 29th. Afterwards we played “When I was a schoolgirl”. Prayers and Taps.

22nd Nov

Pack meeting.

First we had “Pennies” and “Fairy Ring” then we practised “Missionary Pennies” afterwards we played “French Shopping” then “I wouldn’t be a girl, would you?” “No! I’d rather be a toadstool.”

20th Dec

Pack meeting.

All Brownies brought a friend to Pack Meeting and after “Fairy Ring” and “Pennies” we played games. We played “With a Hop and a Skip” and “French Shopping.” Then some were dressed up and we played “Lovely Princess”. We all the sat in a circle and had some pea-nuts and after these we all had a penny worth of chips each. We then sang carols and played some more games. Then we had “Prayers and Taps” and Brown Owl told us we should start Pack Meeting again on Jan 10th 1935.

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