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Angling News & Notes

Probably at the Trades Club (near to where they lived in Spencer Road). I remember seeing cups in a case at the Trades Club one of which was an angling cup. Herbert Hart is 2nd and his father Joseph is 4th in the back row, probably in the 30's or 40's.
Copy sent in by Graham Hart

Rushden Echo, 20th March 1908, transcribed by Kay Collins

A Fine Pike—Fishing in the River Ouse at Carlton on Saturday, Mr J Eagle, of High-street South, Rushden, caught two pike—one weighing 3lbs. and the other turning the scales at 11¾lbs. The latter, which is probably the largest pike brought to Rushden for some years past, was in fine condition and it is being preserved by Mr. G. Bazeley, of Marefair, Northampton.

Rushden Echo, 1st October 1909, transcribed by Peter Brown

Two Rushden Anglers, Mr J Eagle and Mr W Burgess, had good sport in the River Ouse at Stevington on Wednesday. Mr Eagle caught a nice perch weighing well over 1½lb. The fish is to be preserved.

Rushden Echo, 9th March 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

Fishing at Bletsoe Falcon waters on Saturday, Mr. A. Hester and Mr. Frank Wilkins caught 38lb. of pike and one chub weighing 3lb. 4oz. Some of the fish were given to the Higham Ferrers V.A.D. Hospital.

Rushden Echo, 15th March 1918, transcribed by Kay Collins

PiscatorialMr. W. B. Sanders, Mr. G. Selwood, and Capt. Vann, fishing at Radwell yesterday week, caught ten pike in three hours, the aggregate weight being over 40lbs. The largest fish scaled over 10lbs.

The Rushden Argus, 11th March 1921

Something Like a Haul!
Rushden Anglers Land 55lbs of Pike

Fishing at Odell recently, Messrs Albert Stock and J. Eagle, well-known Rushden anglers, enjoyed remarkably fine sport, securing a large haul. With a dozen baits they succeeded in landing 55lb. of pike.

Pictured: Mr Eagle (left) and Mr Stock with the two largest fish, weighing 12½lbs and 8½lbs respectively.


Rushden Echo & Argus, 25th June 1920, transcribed by Kay Collins

Good Catch—The angling season opened this week. Mr. A. Stock and Mr J Eagle fishing in the waters at Felmersham on Monday landed half a cwt of fish, of which four bream turned the scale at 20lb.

The Rushden Argus August 25th 1922, transcribed by Susan Manton

Rushden District Anglers
Small Catches at the Annual Competition

During August Week, the Rushden, Higham Ferrers and Irthlingborough Angling Association should have held its annual competition at Odell, Beds, but heavy floods caused a postponement. Last Saturday, however the weather was ideal, and the members had a pleasant half day’s sport. The fish, unfortunately did not take a great deal of interest in the competition, but their absence was compensated for by the jovial spirit for which anglers are noted. 1922
Our photograph shows the competition in progress, and
inset is a portion of the company at tea.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 17th August 1934, transcribed by Kay Collins

Anglers' Summer Competition - Rushden Visit to Turvey

Sixty-nine members of the Rushden, Higham Ferrers, and Irthlingborough Angling Association took part in the annual summer competition, which was fished under rather windy conditions at Grove Farm, Turvey, on Thursday week.

Reg Wheeler
Reg Wheeler
In the absence of the secretary (Mr. J. Hind), the party was in charge of Mr. B. Tusting (vice-president), Mr. J. Eagle (treasurer) and Mr. A. Pettit. Wind and rough weather prevailed throughout the time allowed, from 8.30 until 7, and the younger members took several prizes off the older ones.

D. Quincey, who was first, winning a rod given by Mr. A. H. Sartoris, J.P., is 19; R. Wheeler, who was second, and won a rod given by Mr. H. B. Selwood, is 10, and H. Laughton, who was fifth, is only 9.

Mr. Tusting presented the prizes to the following winners:
1 D. Quincey 13¼oz., 2 R. Wheeler 13 oz., 3 J. Knighton and B. Knight (tie), 5 H. Laughton, 6 H. Brown, 7 B. Wright. The Club presented £1/7/6 in cash prizes, Mrs. Perkins, of the Railway Inn, Rushden, presented 5/-, and a special prize of 5/- was given by Mr. J. Eagle to Mr. J. Knighton, for his 5½oz, perch.

Tom MyersNews Echo, Thursday January 1st 1976, transcribed by Kay Collins

New Rushden president
The death of Ron Quennell, President of Rushden, Higham and Irchester A.C. meant that the club was left without a leader.

At the Club’s annual general meeting this top post was filled by one of the club’s hard working anglers, Tom Myers.

Tom will be a very popular president and his efforts in raising cash to swell club funds have always been appreciated.

News Echo, Thursday January 1st 1976

My Angling “Sportsman of the Year” is Brian Pye. Who is he? Well I will tell you.

Brian and RogerBrian is the manager of Ferrersand, the gravel company at Ringstead. The company owned a disused pit which they did not know what to do with. Suddenly early last year it occurred to him it would make a fine trout fishery for local anglers.

His new brainchild was soon turned into reality. The pit was filled and then stocked with thousands of brown and rainbow trout.

Shortly afterwards rain and river water flooded the pit. Many fish were feared lost but this did not deter our man of the year. He just simply put in more fish.

Things have gone well for Brian but it has not been easy. A tremendous amount of work went into making this a fine trout fishery to be enjoyed by every one of us.

Our picture shows Brian (left) with Rushden car salesman Roger Denton, who caught the biggest trout at the fishery last year.

Evening Telegraph, March 27, 1986, transcribed by Kay Collins

Master craftsman

The biggest name in barbel fishing, Enfield's Fred Crouch, was the special guest of Rushden AC last week.

Over 100 enthusiasts packed into Higham WMC to listen to a fascinating account from a master craftsman.

Kicking off with a video made by the National Barbel Enthusiasts Group, Fred spent an hour answering every conceivable question about these hard-fighting fish.

Fred Crouch hands over the club's points trophy to Steve Hunt watched by secretary Ian Page and treasurer Gary Bradley.
He made no secret that his favourite haunt is the Hampshire Avon, although he passed on some vain able information about the Rushden-controlled sections of the Ouse at Bletsoe.

Barbel have a lifespan of about 15 years in southern rivers, although this can be stretched by five years further north. Although they can be caught in still waters, they have never been known to spawn there.

They cannot be artificially reared in the same way as trout and salmon, but when they are introduced into a river — as on the Severn a few years ago — they can take over at the expense of other species.

Fred does not recommend hair-rigs for barbel — in fast water it is too easy to foul-hook a fish and upset its nervous system.

They feed off a gravel bed and will take almost anything — even their own fry in June and July.

At the time this was written the club had a large and active membership. I recall 40-50 anglers taking part in some matches. The winner was decided by a points system with the best six results from eight matches available counting. In that year I could not fish all of the matches and had to win the final match at Harrold to win the club championship, I caught three chub for a winning weight of about 8 ½ lb. This stretch of the Ouse was the ‘jewel in crown’ of the club’s waters and was sadly lost some years later. It was my favourite stretch and I won the other match held there that year with a with 28lb of chub caught from the prolific ‘Peg 2’. By the way, the headline ‘Master Craftsman’ refers to Fred Crouch and not me! Steve Hunt 2017

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