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Allotment Society & Small Holdings
Allotment ground c1910
Rod, pole and perch are different names for the same unit of length, which is five and a half yards.

1 pole x 1 pole = 1 square pole

30.25 sq. yards = 1 sq. pole

25.29 sq meters = 1 sq. pole

40 sq. poles = 1 rood

A 10 pole allotment was 5.5 yards wide by 55 yards = 10 sq. pole.

Photo by Samuel Powell c1910

1922 advert
Rushden Argus, 24th August 1917

Some Potatoes—Although not prize-winners, Mr. T. Smith, of the “British United,” and Mr. W. Childs have some prize potatoes from their war allotments. They grew potatoes called “Ninetyfold” and Mr. T. Smith dug one root which had three potatoes weighing 3lb. 13½oz., and average weight of 1lb. 4½oz. The biggest was 1lb. 5oz. The root had several more sizeable tubers. Mr. Childs dug one potato weighing 1lb. 7½oz.

Rushden Echo, 5th January 1900, transcribed by Kay Collins

Mr. T. Swindall, president of the Rushden Allotments Society, entertained the committee to supper at his residence on Wednesday. A very pleasant time was spent.

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