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Allotment Society - 1986

National Society Rules book Rent Card issued in 1986 The rent paid 1986-2005
The Society Rules 1965
Rent Card 1986
Rent Card showing the price of membership from 1986 to 2005

Local Rules - 1965
(current 2009)
Rushden Permanent Allotment & Small Holdings Society Ltd
Guidance Rules for Field Members
All gates will be shut to discourage trespass, stray animals etc.
Members should gain access to their plot from field roads, not paths of other members plots.
Members should keep paths tidy, this includes the road edge.
No dogs or other pets will be allowed to roam loose or annoy other members.
No encroachment on field roads, which must be kept at 12ft. wide.
Members should compost as much garden waste as possible, keep bonfires to a minimum and see that smoke does not interfere with other persons.
No garden waste to be put on the roads or spare plots.
Tool sheds erected on plots, must be at the end of the plot furthest from road. Sheds over 6ft x 6ft permission must be obtained from committee. No concrete or brickwork to be used in any building.
Members renting huts from the Society are asked to keep them in good order. Creosote and felt will be supplied by the Society.
When using sprays, all possible care will be taken so that crops of other members are not affected.
Speed of vehicles will be kept to a minimum, to avoid accidents and cutting up of road surfaces. No parking on roads, car parks are provided.
Mains water provided in all fields should be used not wasted, and with cost in mind all leaks and bursts should be reported immediately.
Any non members seen in fields without permission, should be asked to leave, to stop damage and pilfering. This is a member's duty to other members.

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