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Rushden Association Football Club

Wellingborough News, 3rd October 1890, transcribed by Kay Collins

ASSOCIATION FOOTBALLA meeting of this section of the cricket and football club was held at the Coffee Tavern on Monday evening. Mr. C. Claridge was voted to the chair, and there were also present: Messrs. H. Brawn, J. S. Mason, C. Denton, H. Lewis, O. Claridge (sec.), T. Litchfield, Ambridge, Groom, and several others. The Chairman said the principal business was to appoint a captain in the room of Mr. S. Allen, who, owing to illness had sent in his resignation. After some discussion, Mr. C. Claridge was unanimously appointed, on the proposition of Mr. Mason. In taking the office Mr. Claridge said he would rather someone else had it, as he should not be able to play in all the matches. However, sooner than see the club go down he would take the position again, even at some sacrifice. Mr. C. Denton resigned his office as vice-captain, and after much persuasion to continue to hold the position Mr. C. Church was appointed in his stead.

A desultory conversation also took place relating to the club's prospects during the season, some of those present taking a very gloomy view. This opinion, however, was not held by others, who thought by pulling together such need not be the case. Mr. J. T. Lewis was appointed the club's representative on the Northamptonshire Football Association.

Winners of the Northamptonshire Senior,
Kettering & District Charity, and Luton Charity Cups 1892-93
Photo by Simco & Holme, Wellingborough
1892-93 team
Back row (l-r): O Claridge (Hon. Sec.), J Lilley, H Groome, A Bailey, E Attley, C Clayton,
T Litchfield, W G Hatwell (Gen. Sec.)

Seated: C Pendered, W Clarke, S Allen (Captain), J L Stanley, H C Lewis, G H Claridge

Front: T Minney, H Parker, C Church (Vice-Captain)

Sent by Don Hughes from Canada, where his great grandfather, the vice-captain,
Charles Church and his wife Emma, took their family in 1909.

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