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Sale 1887

1887 sale plan
The Plan showing the new streets
The plan showing the four new streets, has Victoria Street marked (left) but when completed it
was named Fitzwilliam Street. Parallel to Wellingborough Road (top) is Moor Road, with the two
dividing roads shown being named Lancaster Street (centre) and Dayton Street (right).
But these two roads were built further along the Wellingborough Road, beyond Station Road to the right hand edge of the map coloured beige. The Lots coloured blue had already been sold.

The document
Sale of 74 plots of

Freehold Building Land

With important Frontages
to the

Wellingborough Road

And Four New Streets

To be Sold by Auction
Messrs Stafford & Rogers

At the Wagon & Horses Inn
Tuesday the 30th August 1887

At Three for Four o’clock in the Afternoon

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