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Family photographs courtesy of Mrs K Garland of Irchester
Built in 1887 by George Denton
An early picture
An early picture of the house
Wellingborough News, 20th May 1887, transcribed by Kay Collins

The tenders for a new residence for Mr. George Denton, from plans prepared by Mr. E. Sharman, are as follows:—

Dawkins, Wellingborough £2,950
R Marriott, Wellingborough £2,849
E. Brown, Wellingborough £2,835
G. Henson, Wellingborough £2,800
Slinn, Wellingborough £2,800
W. H. Henson, Finedon £2,778
J. Underwood, Wellingborough £2,700
Clayson Brothers, Cogenhoe £2,637
Sparrow, Rushden £2,674
Bayes, Rushden £2,354
Neither tender has at present been accepted.

 "Eastfields" Amelia Denton
Amelia Denton 1855 - 1928
When George Denton was born in 1850, his father Benjamin, a shoe manufacturer, was already employing 36 men.

In 1876 he married Amelia Denton, daughter of Thomas and Susannah Denton. George built Eastfields in 1887 and they brought up a family of 13 children here. George took over the shoe company and later his sons also joined the company.

George was the first chairman of the school board and also a councillor. He was the chairman of the urban council in 1902, and later a county councillor.

Amelia died in 1928 and George in 1931.

Eastfields was purchased by the County Council in 1936 and was a Children's Home in 1951. It was demolished in 1980.

George Denton
George 1850 - 1931

Church Bazaar 1897
This picture is sent with information that it is a Church Bazaar in 1897. The lady on horse back is May Denton. It was taken outside Eastfields.

Wedding of George Denton jun. to May Skinner in 1902

An unknown occasion at Eastfields c1900

Back row: Jessie Darnell, Frances Denton, Gladys Colson, Ida Sargent, Nellie Cave,
Hilda Brawn, Frances Groome.

6th row: ?, Cissie Button, Mabel Bull, Mrs Cunnington’s maid, ? Natrass, ? Mitchell,
Mrs A O Groome, Miss Watson.

5th row: ? Botterill, Winifred Cunnington, Mrs G H Groome, Mrs Knight, Mrs Amos Cave,
Mrs Mitchell, Arthur Mitchell.

4th row: ?, Elsie Knight, Winifred Cave, Ethel Cave, Elsie Brawn, Cecil Staniland,
Stanley Knight,
Reg Cave.

3rd row: Mabel Cunnington, ? Staniland.

2nd row: Ethel Pitt, ? Nattrass, Beatrice Horrell, Gracie Knight, Evelyn Carter,
Elsie Groome, Poppy Hayes, Muriel Cave, Elsie Sanders, Doris Cave, Ella Knight.

Front row: Dorothy Knight, Marjorie Knight, Kathleen Denton, Gordon Smith, George Wingrove,
Percy Knight, Eric Smith, Morton Cave.

Unknown event c1904
Another unknown event thought to be at Eastfields c1904

Back row: (l-r) Don Green, ?, Grace Selwood, Nell Cave, Doris (Chubby) Cave, Grandma, ?,
Winnie Cunnington, A Ginger

Middle row: Hilda Ward, Connie Selwood, Elizabeth Baker

Front row: ?, Leslie Cunnington, Wilfred Groom

a winter view
Taken in winter when the trees were bare

A family picture entitiled "Home"

Tom with Model T Ford 1910
Tom with Model T Ford in 1910
21 in 1908

Kathleen & Doreen

Kathleen (grandma) & Doreen "Ginger"

Don Denton & Hester Timpson 1914

Registration numbers are:
BD 1272
... 245
BD 502
BD 2119

in later life
George & Amelia in later life

Rushden Echo, 1st January 1915, transcribed by Kay Collins

Mr H G Denton’s Appeal—Mr H G Denton, of Eastfields, Rushden, has received from Mrs Hayes, wife of Mr A W Hayes, the Dickens reciter, the following letter of thanks:—“Dear Mr Denton,—Thanks so much for the nice parcel of socks, etc., safely received. I can assure you they are greatly appreciated by us, and by the men. As you so kindly suggest trying to get us together another parcel, might I say that the articles we are most in need of are helmets, mufflers, mittens, and socks. We are still very busy—the work grown rapidly—as we keep opening up new centres. Again many thanks.”

Mr Denton writes:—“The answer to my appeal in your paper was very generous, but more things are still needed, and if any of your readers care to send to me at ‘Eastfields’, and articles I should be very glad, and will see they are duly forwarded. Yours very truly, H G Denton.”

The Rushden Echo, 20th August, 1915, transcribed by Gill Hollis

Rushden County Cricketer - Obtains His Commission

Mr. Don Denton, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. George Denton, of Eastfields, Rushden, has obtained his commission, and is now attached to the West Kents, stationed at Oxted, in Surrey. Mr. Denton leaves for his regiment to-morrow (Saturday). He is a younger brother of the famous cricketing twins, J. S. and W. H. Denton, and has himself played for the Northants County Club.

Tom Denton
Tom Denton

Perhaps a christening photograph with 4 generations?
The caption reads: Mrs Fred Cave, Mrs Brawn’s daughter and baby Betty Causebrook, Mrs Brawn (grandfather Denton’s sister)

Document from a bundle relating to 70 Harborough Road
Bankruptcy - In the County Court of Northamptonshire
No 26, 1907

Re George Denton

To Augustus Claude Palmer of St Giles Chambers St Giles Street Northampton

George Denton residing at Eastfields Rushden and carrying on business at High Street Rushden under the name B Denton & Son and at Moor Road under the style of F Noble boot manufacturer, also at Duck Street under the style of the Lightstrung Cycle Co. Cycle manufacturer and at Sartoris Road under the style of Rushden Machine Joinery Works.

Debt of £1200 -€“ security comprised of:-
A Freehold Shoe Factory with Dwellinghouse adjoining in Harborough Road, sometime since the property of H J Bull, in the tenure of George Warner. Also a plot of land situate in High Street South with two messuages thereon known as Nos. 73 & 75 High Street South and now in the occupations of Messrs Tuffrey and Clark respectively.

Conveyed to us by way of a mortgage 18th January 1904

Signed by F L Heygate for the Northamptonshire Union Bank

Extract from a Military Tribunal in May 1918

Thomas Denton, 31, single, manager of the Lightstrung Engineering Co. was given six months, a letter from the secretary of the Northants Food Production Committee being produced, showing that the firm are keeping Government tractors in repair. [21 in 1908]

Rushden Echo & Argus, 25th June 1920, transcribed by Kay Collins

A Garden Party was held on Saturday at “Eastfields” by kind permission of Mr. and Mrs. G. Denton, the object being to raise funds for the renovation of the Queen-street schools. A large number attended, tea being provided on the lawn, the Rev. C. J. Keeler presiding. Selections were played by Mrs. Maddams’ Mandolin Orchestra. In the evening croquet, competitions and other amusements were indulged in, and refreshments were served. An informal vote of thanks was accorded Mr. and Mrs. Denton on the motion of the Rev. C. J. Keeler. Mrs. J. Cunnington (secretary) and the Young Ladies’ Institute made the arrangements.

Eastfields House
Eastfields - a fine stone built house

From unidentified newsclip

Plea to save former home
A former children's home in Rushden could be demolished to make way for private houses. Two alternative schemes for the Eastfield Children's Home, off Victoria Road, have been put forward by the county council.

One would allow eight homes to be built in the grounds, and the other would involve demolishing the stone building and constructing a total of 10 houses.

East Northants planning committee gave its backing this week to a scheme which would retain the house.

The planners are hoping an alternative use for it can be found. Principal planning officer, Mr Bob Seery, said it was possible the building could be converted into flats or offices.

In a report to the planning committee he said it was not a listed building.

Mr Seery said: "It has, however, a certain traditional character worthy of retention and certainly worthy of making strenuous efforts to find alternative beneficial uses."

Cllr Eric Carmichael said the main problem was access from Victoria Road which also served a recently-built primary school.

Adequate turning space would have to be provided within the grounds.

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