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Wentworth Road

Wenworth Road Wentworth to Station road
Wentworth Road from Moor Road to Carnegie Street
and Carnegie Street to Station Road near St Peter's Church

Wentworth Road is a short street, running from Moor Road to the top of Carnegie Street, and on to join Station Road, opposite St Peter's old church. Several properties in had the full span to Wentworth Road. Moor RoadTom Swindall lived at 28 Moor Road and he had his workshops behind, with access to them from Wentworth Road. Tom was a builder, coal and timber merchant, and the old buildings still bear his name, although they are somewhat derelict today (2013).

Behind 1, 3, 5 and 7 Wentworth Road stands a four-bay run of outhouses, most probably originally built as shoe workers' workshops. Although the fence of number five is a right angles to the frontage, the outhouse belonging to it runs from the window (left of picture) to just past the central window, as can be seen from the picture below. The roofs are lean-to style rather than pitched. A slat of wood fixed across the window inside provides a place to store regularly used items. Several tools, three shoe cleaning brushes, an oil can, screw driver, etc. and the long bar leaning against the window edge is an old strop for sharpening tools such as shoetrade knives. On the bench several lasts, a cobbler's last and a vice. The Jacobs biscuit tin, standing atop a 1950s washing machine, contains several small old rusted tins filled with various shoe tacks and nails. Also in the shed are a spin dryer, a tumble dryer, a few garden tools and "other lumber", and nothing had been disturbed until for the last 50 years.

the outhouse window and bench
bench contents
No 5 Wentworth Road outhouse with a cobbler's bench still much as it was fifty years ago.
Note the hessian 'sprig' bag hanging on the wall, filled with odd leather bits.

tools spinner washer
Tools and ladder
Spin Dryer c1950s
Washer c1950 and dryer c1970

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