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The Building News, 11th October 1895
Warehouse and Swimming Baths
plan Proposed Baths & Warehouse
Plan drawn for the Baths and Warehouse by A Sykes, ARIBA
Front elevation of the proposed building

Notes: The baths were not built but the warehouse was, and it has been used by several companies over the years. At first it was a leather warehouse occupied by Lilley & Skinner, then Lane and Hulett 1914/23, then Clark & Co 1924-1974.

Another proposal for some baths was made in 1913, and a new plan was finally made in 1926, and when Rushden got its baths in 1929, it was a much less grand building than this!

In 1927 the top floor of the warehouse was used by the Y.M.C.A., and latterly this was the ironmongery department, with the lower floors used as storage, for Peter Crisp Ltd. As retail business became more difficult with trade going to supermarkets rather than smaller retailers, Peter Crisp decided to try to let the property but no lessee came forward. In 2010 the whole business closed down, save for the bathroom design department. The warehouse stood empty, until 2012 when MIND took it over, to replace their former building that had been set on fire. It is still a beautiful building paying tribute to the period of "civic pride".

At the corner of The Green a drinking fountain stands in memory of the founders of the Temperance Movement in the town. Plans are in hand, by the Amenities Society, to restore the stonework. [2012]

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