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The Naming of Rushden Streets
Some of the new streets of the 1900's.
For a list of Streets in the Censuses click here, or for Street names changed in 1899.

The Rushden Echo, 15th December, 1911, transcribed by Jim Hollis

Grove-Road - The attention of the Committee was called to the fact that a portion of this road was at present known as Grove-road and a further portion as Grove-street thus causing some confusion.

It was resolved to recommend the Council to name the whole road Grove-road and to give instructions for the nameplates to be altered accordingly. [Extracted from a Council Meeting Report]

Wellingboro & Rushden Mercury (about 1990)

Kind-hearted pensioner Mercedes Wheatcroft is streets ahead after acting the Good Samaritan. The 82-year-old Rushden woman is to have a road named after her for being a good neighbour.

Mrs Wheatcroft - centre
The reward came from Westbury Homes who have built a housing development next to Mrs Wheatcroft's home in Robinson Road. Mercedes lent a helping hand to sales negotiator Sue Tite, by giving her water for her showhome gardens when the development was in its early stages.

"She provided a lifeline enabling me to keep the garden beautiful by lending me her water supply," said Mrs Tite. "In recognition of her generosity and good will, we would like to honour Mrs Wheatcroft by naming the development's main road after her."

A thrilled Mrs Wheatcroft said: "I am absolutely over­whelmed, delighted and flattered. It is a wonderful tribute and I am very proud to be honoured with it."

Note by Vic Childs in The Risdene Echo, Dec. 1998

The Donkey Track - now Wilson Road

The Rushden Boys' School, Tennyson Road, was built on land formerly owned by the Rushden Allotment Association. It was bounded by Tennyson Road, the Windmill Club and an unadopted road now known as Wilson Road. For many generations this un-made road was better known as 'The Donkey'.

One man who claimed to know the origins of The Donkey was Mr. Perkins who for many years worked at the Rushden Gasworks and tended an allotment on this site. He told me about a man named Bradshaw who traded as a rag and bone merchant and who also rented part of the allotment grounds. He had large barns on the site where he salt-dressed rabbit and goat skins, and also stabled his donkey. In the better months he tethered his donkey on the grass verges where it became a familiar sight, and soon people began to refer to the road as 'The Donkey'.

Wilson Road takes its name from the fact that the site was originally 'The Wilson Stone Pits', and in 1972 when the new technical block was built at the school, some very good building stone was found on this site.

Liberty Way aka Rushden by-pass

Since the completion of the Rushden by-pass and the fact that 2005 was the 60th Anniversary commemorating the end of World War II, it was felt by members of the Town Council that naming the by-pass 'Liberty Way' would pay tribute to the 1600 American servicemen who lost their lives flying from Podington and Chelveston, and who had became part of the community. There will also be a memorial plaque erected on the by-pass. The road signs will be dedicated at the United Church Service in the Hall Park on Sunday 10th July.

In Red Beech, a suburb of Aukland, NZ, there is a Rushden Terrace, Higham Ferrers Place and Risdene Rise.

3rd March 2016
The sign to commemorate Bernard Vann

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