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Quorn Road

Northampton Chronicle & Echo, 2nd November 1967

Residents Must Pay For Road — Bench

An order made by Rushden Urban Council for the apportionment of the cost of making up a private street, Quorn-road. Rushden, between its frontages, was confirmed by magistrates at Wellingborough yesterday after an, objection by one of the frontagers had been heard.

Mr. A. Crowdy, clerk to Rushden Urban Council represented the council and Mr. C. A. S. McAra represented the objectors—Johnson's Motors (Rushden) Ltd. Another objection notified by the Rushden Allotment and Smallholding Society was not pursued.

The allotment association were ordered to pay 8s. costs and Johson's Motors (Rushden) Ltd., 10s. costs.

In his opening statement Mr. Crowdy had said that the council had been under pressure from residents in Quorn-road for some years to make the street up. It would have been done before now, but for the economic situation nationally. He added that the cost of constructing a road 24-ft. wide with footpaths on either side was £12,991 which divided among the frontages would be £215 each, on average.

Johnson's had objected to the council's apportionment because they thought the cost excessive, insufficient regard had been given to maintenance which had been carried out from time to time by the frontagers and they would not gain any more benefits than already enjoyed by making up the road.

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