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Survey of plaques 2010
Portland Road - Name & Date Plaques

Toc H building in 2007
The first building in Portland Road was built for the
Free Gardeners. Later the Toc H took it over, but it was sold
in 2007 and converted into a little bungalow. It has now been extended again and is pictured below in 2011.
In 2011 it has been extended
Ivy House No 10
North View no 8
Nos 6, 8 & 10
Sunny Bank no 6
The Scroxton family lived here, and ran their transport business from the land behind.
The Case family took over the business and property.

Nos 12 & 14
Nos 12 & 14 built in 1899
In 2008
In 2008 - detail of the entrance of the old
Fred Hawkes factory
Nos 84 & 86
Ferndale & Glenfern
Nos 86 - Ferndale A 1900 D Glenfern - No 84

digging the hole!
Rushden Echo & Argus, 29th Oct 1955

No, he doesn’t want to get through to Australia.

He is just one of the workmen engaged on work in Portland Road, Rushden, where this giant “hole in the road” is part of work in connection with drainage for Rushden’s housing estate at the top of the town.

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