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Surveyed in January 2015
Montague & Pemberton Streets

Montague Street
Ivy Cottages
24,22,20 Montague Street Ivy Cottages
Philter House
24 - 22 - 20 Montague Street - built in 1887
Philter House

Pemberton Street
Thistle Cottage 1883
Thistle Cottage nos. 11A & 11B
? Terrace built 1883 - Nos. 6 + 8
Name plaque
The name of the terrace has been filled over.

Pemberton Street
32-36 Provident Terrace
Provident Terrace 1886

is above the gate next to no 36,
It is access to the rear of the terrace so probably covers six cottages - Nos. 32 - 42

Pemberton Street
37 & 39 Pemberton Street
Pemberton Street is named after the Family who lived at Rushden Hall.
Liner Cottages 1887
37 & 39 Pemberton Street
Liner cottages 1887
See also the Pemberton Chapel in St Mary's Church

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