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More Lost Buildings

cottages precinct
Cottages next to the Wheatsheaf Inn
and 'The Precinct' that replaced them in the 1960s

Cottages behind a blue wall
High Street South Cottages
Mr Currie of Rushden House built these cottages for the workers on his estate, c1871 and there was a second row behind.

The stone cottages, were opposite the Compass Inn. The wall in front of them was constructed of blue engineering quality bricks and steep steps led up to the fronts.

The cottages were demolished in the late 1960s for road widening.

Marriott's old & new office blocks
Marriott's Offices - the old pulled down in the late 1970s after the new (right) block was built in 1973

Photo and notes from a
'Mike Neville' Sale notice:

'Risdene' was converted to a residential care home.

It had 13 bedrooms, 5 reception rooms, bathrooms, kitchen etc., with radiator central heating, and it stood on a half-acre plot with double road frontage in Higham Road.

It was sold sometime in the 1990s and after it had been derelict for some years.

Two shops of the Co-op built in 1894.
Dept. No 1 - provided drapery, grocery and butchery goods at the southern end of the town. A long terrace of houses was built behind, but this has been reduced by half, with access from Crabb Street. Demolished about 1990.

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