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Survey of plaques 2010, with additions
Griffith Street - Name & Date Plaques
c1905 1910
The top of Griffith Street - Valentines Postcard c1905

A postcard c1910

Clifton House
Home and workshops of Wm Penness
Clifton House A D 1897 - No 11
built by William Penness - heelmaker - with factory behind.

The pair of houses
Date Stone
Carved detail
13 & 15 Griffith Street - built 1894 with carved details on the bays

17 & 19 Griffith Street
17 and 19 Griffith Street in 2012

This was the first Cottage Hospital in Rushden, and had opened by Febrary 1917 when an accident victim was taken there.

A further proposal was considered for a Cottage Hospital in 1918.

Roseberry's View 1901
Roseberry's View
Roseberry's View A 1901 D - Nos 21, 23 & 25

Gladstone House 1891
Gladstone House
A D Gladstone House 1891
36 Griffith Street
Mr Charles Bayes (builder) lived here,
and Mr and Mrs Percy Collins

Nos 38 & 40
Bradley House
date stone
No 40 & Bradley House No 38 were built in 1892

north footpath south footpath
Above - north part of a footpath from the church runs behind the Wheatsheaf Inn. The stone walls were old farm barns - one of these was used as the Fire Brigade store in the 1890s.
Right - south continuance of a footpath used by the Rector to the old Rectory in Little Street.

No 32 is above the footpath from the church and has two large bay windows, No 30 adjoining and then the Working Men's Club.

This 1918 advert tells us that Mr Meller, piano tuner and lived at 'Hadyn House' in Grffith Street. Kelly's directory tells us he lived at No 32, but no visible plaque appears on the frontage.
1918 advert

Manfield Villas 1891
Manfield Crafts trade here
Manfield Villas 1891
George Bayes, chosen as school attendance officer in 1890, lived here in 1903
Nos 22 & 24 - The frontage was first altered in 1960 by Willmott Photographic

Date stone 1892
No 20 Lilleville 1892
The gateway was removed and a beautiful window added in 2017.

Built 1891
Working Men's Club
The Rushden Working Men's Club 1891

4 Griffith Street was named The Homestead perhaps when William Childs came in 1919.

This plaque has been added during extensive alterations in 2019 and the name changed to Homestead House.

The doorway with new carved top

No 4 was built in 1890 for Joseph Barwick.

He also built a factory behind for his son.

Doctor Greenfield moved here in about 1905. On his return from WWI he moved to the house next door, and William Childs lived here and started his heel factory here.

No 2 was the home of Thomas Tailby in the 1890s. In 1919 Dr Greenfield moved from No 4 to this house, but then he moved to Hayway and partner Dr McCabe moved here.

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