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Survey of plaques 2010
Griffith Street - Name & Date Plaques

c1905 1910
The top of Griffith Street - Valentines Postcard c1905

A postcard c1910

Date stone 1892
No 20 Lilleville 1892

Clifton House
Home and workshops of Wm Penness
Clifton House A D 1897 - No 11
William Penness - heelmaker lived here in 1910. He built his workshops behind.

Manfield Villas 1891
Manfield Crafts trade here
Manfield Villas 1891
Nos 22 & 24 - The frontage was first altered in 1960 by Willmott Photographic

Built 1891
Working Men's Club
The Rushden Working Men's Club 1891

Roseberry's View 1901
Roseberry's View
Roseberry's View A 1901 D - Nos 21, 23 & 25

The pair of houses
Date Stone
Carved detail
13 & 15 Griffith Street - built 1894 with carved details on the bays

Gladstone House 1891
Gladstone House
A D Gladstone House 1891
36 Griffith Street
Mr Charles Bayes (builder) lived here,
and Mr and Mrs Percy Collins

17 & 19 Griffith Street
17 and 19 Griffith Street in 2012

This was the first Cottage Hospital in Rushden, and had opened by Febrary 1917 when an accident victim was taken there.

A further proposal was considered for a Cottage Hospital in 1918.

Nos 38 & 40
Bradley House
date stone
No 40 & Bradley House No 38 were built in 1892

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