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Denmark Road
Part of the 'Pightles Estate' laid out in 1896/77

Denmark Road Shrine
Percy Collins' heel factory at the top of Denmark Road,
was extended in 1910. It has since been used by several companies including Horace Wright, Walter Knight,
Frank Eady Press, and in 2007 by J C Pine.
Benjamin Scroxton had 6, 7, 8 & 9 built in 1896 and rented them in 1910 to Mrs Fosket, Mr T E Brown, and Mr Charles Bates, and he lived at No. 9, later moving to No. 7. [see Council Plan 414]
In 1917 No. 7 was chosen for the War Shrine.

1 - 4 Denmark Road with an entry in the centre for access to the backs of the houses.
Centre is No 9 the home of Ben Scroxton in 1901.
He later moved to No. 7.

There are new town houses built in Denmark Road, on
part of the garden of the White House in Grove Road.
When the White House was demolished more new
houses were erected on the site in Denmark Road.

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