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The Rushden Echo and Argus, transcribed by Gill & Jim Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

Council Plans

At Northamptonshire Record Office many early plans 1888 - 1938 are deposited.
Plans are also discussed at the Council Meetings and then reported in the newspapers.
Later whole lists are reported in the newspapers.

All give an idea of how the town was growing.
First Series
Plans held at NRO 
Ref: Accessions 2005/67 & 2005/96 (26 boxes)

Second Series

From the newspapers

KEY : Some envelopes are empty ~, some are missing ---.
A few are in a very poor state and are marked ^ in this list. (unable to unfold for inspection)
Only a few of the early documents have a date but it appears they were filed in date order.
Numbers on some envelopes have been used twice so I have added a "D" to the duplicates.
Most of the early plans are on tracing paper which has gone brittle with age, but by 1912 many were on linen.
Most envelopes have the details of property & street and some have the name of the owner or builder on the outer.
A few envelopes did not contain what is written on the outer but this is noted in the listing.

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