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Rushden Echo, 13th July, 1917, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

Prizes For Food Production
Uncultivated Lands

  A meeting of the Uncultivated Lands Committee was held at the Council Buildings on Wednesday, July 11th, 1917, when there were present: Messrs. J. Spencer (chairman), T. Wilmott, J. Claridge, J. S. Mason, W. Gutteridge, Tom Swindall and L. Baxter.


  The Chairman reported that the judging of the various plots took place on Saturday last.  The sub-committees spoke very highly on the manner in which the plots had been cultivated, some of them showing remarkable results.  In all 181 plots were visited and the results were as follows:-

Carnegie-road (Section 1)  -  Messrs. Hobbs 1st, Adams 2nd, Lawrence and Ireland 3rd, and Bollard 4th.

Carnegie-road (Section 2)  -  Messrs. A. Andrews 1st, A. Stock 2nd, and Knighton 3rd.

Glassbrook-road  -  Messrs. A. Clark 1st, F. Harris 2nd, and E. Wilby 3rd.

Wellingborough-road  -  Messrs. Strangward 1st, and L. Baxter 2nd.

Pytchley-road (Section 1)  -  Messrs. C. Eagles 1st, A. Bazeley 2nd, and E. Sumpter 3rd.

Pytchley-road (Section 2)  -  Messrs. E. Swannell 1st, W. West 2nd, and Freeman 3rd.

Oakley-road (Section 1)  -  Messrs. Fensome 1st, T. Flowers 2nd, and D. Howard 3rd.

Oakley-road (Section2)  -  Messrs. Wilson and Jolley 1st, Master E. Panter 2nd, and Gilbert 3rd.

Upper Queen-street (Section 1)  -  Messrs. J. Stainbridge 1st, T. W. Leach 2nd, and H. Auger 3rd.

Upper Queen-street and Lawton-road  -  Messrs. L. Sawford 1st, J. Herbert 2nd, E. Turner 3rd, and J. Reynolds 4th.

Allen-road and Lawton-road (Section 1)  -  Messrs. Bonsor 1st, T. Packwood 2nd, and J. Allen 3rd.

Allen-road and Lawton-road (Section 2)  -  Messrs. A. H. Endersby 1st, J. Gunn 2nd, J. Sharpe 3rd, and J. Dickens 4th.

Blinco-road (Section 1)  -  Messrs. C. Griffiths 1st, J. Wrighton 2nd, and S. W. Bull 3rd.

Blinco-road (Section 2)  -  Messrs. T. Wheeler 1st, J. Skinner 2nd, C. Smith 3rd, and R. Gilbert 4th.

Kings-road  -  Mr. H. Bazeley.

Pratt-road  -  Mr. W. Knighton 1st.

Victoria-road  -  Mrs. W. Wilmott and Miss Wooding, two first prizes.

Bedford-road  -  Mr. J. F. Cook 2nd, and Mr. A G. Payne 3rd.

Hayway  -  Mr. A. T. Chambers.

Higham-road  -  Mr. A. Wyman and Mr. Twelftree.

Washbrook-road (Section 1)  -  Mr. Holyoak.

Washbrook-road (Section 2)  -  Messrs. D. Farmer 1st, A. E. Cherry 2nd, and R. Dyke 3rd.

Shirley-road  -  Messrs. J. Shortland 1st, W. Hinde 2nd, and Mrs. Album 3rd.

High-street  -  Mr. Perkins.

Spencer-park  -  Messrs. W. A. Tilstone, H. Wykes, and H. Craxford, 1sts; H. J. Baker, F. Crick, Butcher and Allen, and F. Charles and Richardson, 2nds;  E. Austin, H. Green and D. Knight 3rds.

  The following gentlemen kindly assisted the Committee in the judging: Messrs. W. Hinde, J. Marriott, Joseph Smith, and William Clarke.

Elementary Schools

  It was reported that the judging of the Elementary School gardens had also been completed, the prizes being awarded as follows:-

  Alfred-street Schools.  – G. Cooper 1st, N. Fletcher 2nd, Frank Skellham 3rd, and E. Newell and G. Cooper 4th divided.

  North-end Schools.  -  E. Sparkes, W. Brown and E. Smith 1st and 2nd divided, Dennis Young, H. Sharpe and Clarence Tye 3rd and 4th divided.

  Church of England Schools.  -  Lewis Moon 1st, F. Tassell 2nd, H. Underwood 3rd, and Eric Walker and Alber James 4th divided.

  The School Gardens were judged by Messrs. W. Clark, Junr., H. Weedon, and E. Knibbs.

  It was resolved that the prize distribution take place on Wednesday, July 25th, at the Adult School Institute, near the Green, at 8 p.m.

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