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Colson's Road 1878

Wellingborough News, January 5th 1878, transcribed by Kay Collins

Irthlingborough District Highway Board
On Wednesday a meeting of the Highway Board the district of Irthlingborough was held at the Corn Exchange. Mr. J. W. Watts presided, and there were also present, Messrs. Turnell, R. Pell, Davison, Sharp, Grey, Welford, Wilkins, Dicks, Flintham, Jelley, A. Sharman, Newitt, Wykes, Cave, J. W. Pell, Hill, Brawn, and M. Reid Sharman (Clerk). The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.

Annual Statement of Accounts
A circular letter was read from the Local Governing Board recommending that the accounts of Highway Boards should be made up yearly to the 25th March instead of to the 31st Dec.

Mr. Turnell said the accounts of the Board used to be made up to the 25th of March.

The Clerk said he should recommend the Board to pass a resolution, adopting the proposed change.

Mr. Sharp remarked that the change had been at Kettering, and he saw no objection to it, only the next accounts would come before a new Board, the members of which might know nothing them.

The Clerk said that would be an insuperable objection if it were at all likely that the present Board would cease at the end of its term of office, and new members be elected, but it was generally found that a goodly number of old members were re-elected.

The Clerk remarked that he was not prepared with any statement of accounts at this meeting. Mr. Turnell said the change might be awkward at first, but it would make no difference when they got “square."

The Clerk: The only question is whether we have money enough to carry us on to the end of the quarter.

Mr. Sharp: If not, we must go into debt.

Mr. Welford: There was a good balance last time.

It was then resolved, on the motion of Mr. Newitt, seconded by Mr. Jelley, that the change should be made.

The question of the Board taking to this road was discussed at the last meeting, and it was then decided that the road was not in a proper condition for the Board to take to. A similar opinion was entertained now. It was mentioned that Mr. Ed. Sharman, who made the road, had stated that it was not capable of bearing heavy traffic.

Mr. Turnell said he rode along the road frequently, and it was of no use for carting. The Board was by no means anxious to take to the road, indeed the longer they kept it off their hands the better, because in the meantime the road would get in better condition.—After some discussion it was agreed that the Clerk should write to Mr. Heygate, was acting for Mr. Colson, and inform him the Board could not take to the road until it was put into a state of repair that would be satisfactory to them.

The Clerk said he would write to Mr. Heygate, and take care that the position of the Board was made clear.

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