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Extracted from the notes by J E Smith
Choirboys Outing

Parish Church, St. Mary’s, Rushden

On Wednesday, August 9th, 1916 boys with Rector, Rev. Percy Robson, Organist and Choirmaster, Joseph Enos Smith, and Jack Smith (one of the choir) to help look after boys. Jack drove us down in 3 of his father’s traps (with his Brother and another lad to drive). Started from Griffith Street Farmhouse at 7a.m., arrived at Irthlingborough Station by 7.30, quite early, train left at 7.55 to Peterborough about 8.10. Rather misty and chilly morning, quite hot when sun came out, quite fine all day and very close in the evening. The Rector and Jack took boys on River in two boats about 10 o’clock, myself and Bailey went to Cathedral, also called on Mr Gray, Registrar to make arrangements for a parish day at Library, we walked into Cathedral, no organ, no choir; holidays. We met the Rector and boys for dinner at 12. Boys went boating again after dinner. I meant to say that we all had regular tour of Cathedral inside and out before dinner, one hour and a quarter. We all very much enjoyed it, we hadn’t room to move at dinner table but we got through. Jack and I went Tram ride, up Lincoln road to Aeroplane factory, looked round market. Tea at same place as Dinner, went in Parish Church, St. John’s where our old Rector is, did not see him. Left Peterborough 6.20 train, very hot and packed, train full, had to put an extra carriage on for us as they has forgotten the engagement, reached Higham Station at 7.30. Some rode up with jack in his trap, some walked with the Rector, but I rode up on Bus with one or two boys, quite tired. Joseph Enos Smith, Organist and Choirmaster.

Rushden Echo, 11th August 1916, transcribed by Kay Collins

Choir Outing—The boys of St. Mary’s Church choir had their annual outing on Wednesday, when 20 of them, accompanied by the Rector (Rev. P. Robson), Mr. J. E. Smith (organist), and Mr. J. Smith, paid a visit to Peterborough. They left Rushden at 7a.m., being driven in conveyances, kindly provided by Mr. W. W. Smith, to Irthlingborough L. and N. W. station. They arrived in the Cathedral city at about 9.15a.m., and after spending an enjoyable hour on the river they paid a visit to the Cathedral, where they were shown round by the verger. A good dinner was then provided, and afterwards the company split up into twos and threes, and visited the various places of interest in the city. The boys re-united at 5p.m. for teas, and afterwards made preparations for the return journey. Rushden was reached about 8p.m. after a most enjoyable day’s outing.

NRO Ref: 285P/297 p123/124
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