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Kay Collins 2007
Rushden Cemetery
News & Notes
View across the cemetery to the chapel
View across the cemetery from Newton Road gates to the chapel

Northampton Mercury, April 19th 1890, transcribed by Susan Manton    

Awkward Delays at the Cemetery

On Monday the mourners at a funeral were put to much trouble and inconvenience by the non-appearance of the officiating clergyman. After waiting for some considerable time, however, he arrived with the explanation that he had mislaid the notice and had forgotten all about it. On the following day things assumed a worse appearance at the same place, but this was probably owing to a misunderstanding with the minister, who had been to the house of the deceased to see if a different time could not be arranged. The funeral, however, took place at the time fixed upon at first, and on arriving at the Cemetery Chapel some surprise was felt at the minister not being present. After waiting for more than half an hour a messenger was sent to search for another minister, who eventually returned with the Rev. T.G. Harper (Independent Wesleyan), who conducted the mournful service.

Rushden Echo, 27th August 1909, transcribed by Kay Collins

AccidentA boy named Sabey, son of the cemetery keeper, while playing in the gala held on Saturday with others, fell down, and one of his companions fell on the top of him, with the result that the lad’s collar bone was broken. He was taken to a doctor and the injuries were attended to.

Extract from Council Meeting 16th Dec 1932

Cemetery Caretaker
It was reported that Mr. Sabey, the cemetery caretaker, had passed the age of 70 years and in pursuance of the Council’s resolution should be at once compulsorily retired.  In his case, however, it was necessary that a successor be appointed before Mr. Sabey’s retirement, and it was accordingly resolved that his services be retained until the 31st March next, and in the meantime the Surveyor was instructed to advertise for a successor at a commencing wage of £2 10s. per week with house, it being understood that no applications would be considered from persons exceeding 45 years of age.

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