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Woodland Road

The Rushden Echo and Argus, 14th November 1958, transcribed by Gill Hollis

Residents Will Build a Road

The road and puddles
Woodland Road in 1958
The residents of Woodland Road, Rushden, who have only a rough dirt-track in front of their houses, are uniting to get a properly-surfaced roadway.

They have formed a roadway improvement association with Mr. L. Cherry as their chairman, Mr. R. Ferris as their secretary, and Mr. C. Griggs as their treasurer. This step was taken at a meeting held at the Railway Hotel on Friday.

At this time of the year the rough roadin front of the houses is always muddy and full of pot-holes, but Rushden Urban Council is unwilling to adopt it, so that any improvements must be made by the householders who own the frontages.

There are some 15 houses in Woodland Road, and with the garages and allotments at the bottom the number of people affected is increased to about eighty. The garage owners and allotment holders are to be asked to support the house-owners.

Driving Force
Mr. Ferris, who lives at “Lezayre,” 23 Woodland Road, is the driving force in the new association and it was he who called the meeting. It was he also who organised a petition to the council earlier this year for street lighting; two lamps are to be installed shortly as a result of this action.

Twenty-eight-year-old Mr. Ferris is to get into touch with all people likely to be affected by any plans of the new association and hopes to get full co-operation all round. Another meeting is to be held on Tuesday week.

Quotations for a tarmac surface are to be sought from local contractors, and an approach is to be made to the council for any help which might be given in any way.

Much organisation is needed to achieve the aims of the Woodland Road residents, but improvements were made to the roadway of a neighbouring street a few years ago and the feeling is that if all concerned co-operate and agree to pay their share things can begin to move fairly quickly.

How long it will be before Woodland Road has a fine new surface is anybody’s guess, but those who live there are looking forward to the day when they can enter their homes without previously having to scrape thick mud from their shoes.


28th November 1958

Woodland Road Advised
Mr. W. J. Anker, Surveyor to Rushden Urban Council, told a meeting of Woodland Road frontage owners on Tuesday that he is willing to give them unofficial advice on their scheme to improve the road.

The secretary of the committee which has launched the project, Mr. R. W. Ferris, said a preliminary estimate showed that an expenditure of £645 would be necessary. If at least 80 per cent support could be obtained the work could be put in hand at a cost of about £14 a plot.

A circular letter to owners, said Mr. Ferris, had produced only seven negative replies. Twenty-eight were in the affirmative and it was felt that a personal approach could be made to 16 who were undecided.

Mr. Anker answered questions about the work required on the road and said that notice of the project had been forwarded to the council for inclusion on the agenda of the next highways committee meeting.


12th December 1958

Woodland Road
The recently proposed improvement scheme for Woodland Road, Rushden, has been postponed.

A postponement was decided at a meeting at the Railway Hotel on Tuesday, when it was announced that there would only be 50 per cent support from landowners, instead of the hoped for 80 per cent.

It was agreed to retain the committee and to await the decision of the meeting of the Urban Council highways committee.

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