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Lion Terrace - High Street
1937 Coronation Parade

Central High Street - note the crowd on the balcony
of Lion Terrace (left)

Photo by Reg Glenn

possibly 1916
A photo of Lion Terrace in the snow, perhaps following the Blizzard of 1916?
Courtesy of Clive Wood

Lion Terrace in the 1960s when George Willmott was trading from the double fronted shop

The Rushden Echo, 4th June 1965, transcribed by Jim Hollis

Reason for The High Street Lion

Most people will have noticed the lion set in the wall above Henry Barlow and Son Ltd, High Street, Rushden. But do not know why it is there?

The Lion on Lion Terrace
Actually, it was a horse that gave birth to the lion. A certain Mr. William Saunders, having won a goodly sum of money on a horse called The Lion, used his winnings to build a row of cottages. [in the 1870s - Ed]

Obviously, in an effort to recognise the fortuitous source of his gains, Mr. Saunders called the cottages Lion Terrace. He furthered the fame of the horse, which had made all this possible, by letting a plaque bearing the image of a lion into the wall of his property.

Alas! Horses are fickle creatures and Mr. Saunders, a soldier in the Crimean War who settled in Rushden as a bookmaker, lost his money. He was forced to sell all but two of his cottages in Lion Terrace.

Eventually our soldier of fortune died and all the cottages were bought by Mr. George Willmott. One was converted into Burton’s, the grocery shop, and the other shops followed.

If you have not noticed the lion in the High Street, next time you pass Barlow’s have a look and remember, although he may be king of the jungle, this particular lion owes his existence to a horse.

Footnote: A Rushden woman who lived in Lion Terrace writes: “The houses stood on a bank and there were probably six to eight blue brick steps to climb to gain access to the front door.”

Northampton Mercury Saturday January 20th 1877, transcribed by Susan Manton

Rushden Northamptonshire

Five Newly and Substantially erected
Dwelling Houses
With Draper'€™s shop, workshops and Outbuildings,

Most pleasantly situated at Rushden and known as "Lion Terrace"€

To be sold by auction, by Messrs. Pendered & Son

At the Wheat Sheaf Inn, Rushden on Thursday, the 25th day of January 1877 at six o'€™clock in the evening, subject to such conditions as will be then produced and in the following or such lots as may be determined upon:-

Lot 1 All those three copyhold Messuages or Tenements, situated in Lion Terrace, Rushden aforesaid, together with workshops, barns, gardens and appurtenances thereto belonging in the occupations of Messrs. Wm. Brown, Wm. Sergeant and Ebenezer Knight, at a moderate rental amounting to £35 per annum

Lot 2 All those TWO copyhold MESSUAGES of Tenements, situated in Lion Terrace, Rushden, aforesaid, adjoining Lot 1 together with the workshops, barns, gardens and appurtenances thereto belonging in the occupations of Wm. Sanders (the proprietor) and Mr. Thomas Percival.

There is a back way to each lot. The Copyhold of the Manor of Rushden being fine certain, is nearly equal to Freehold.

To view apply on the Premises; and for further particulars to the Auctioneers, Wellingborough; or to W. Hirst Simpson, Solicitor Higham Ferrers.

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