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Rushden Echo, 28th May 1915, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Pte. W. H. Williams

The dangerous corner at the bottom of Queen-street was responsible for another accident at about mid-day yesterday. Pte. W. H. Williams, attached to the messenger staff, R.W.F., had descended the hill on a cycle, and in attempting to turn the corner at the bottom, ran right in front of Mr. A. H. Sartoris’s motor car. Mr. Sartoris did all in his power to avert an accident by vigorously applying his brakes and turning his car towards the fence forming the boundary of the Cottage gardens, but unfortunately these measures, although they minimised the force of the impact, did not prevent a collision, as a glancing blow from the left hand front mudguard struck the cycle and threw Pte. Williams heavily to the pavement. He was picked up in a dazed condition and conveyed by two of his comrades to the Queen-street schools, where he received attention from the medical officer. Upon enquiry we found that his injuries were fortunately confined to bruises and a severe shaking. The bicycle was very little damaged and Mr. Sartoris’s car escaped injury, although in his attempts to avoid the cyclist the front wheels of the car ran on to the pavement and were within one yard of the fence when the car was pulled up.

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