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Rushden Echo, August 23rd, 1918, transcribed by Greville Watson
Cottage Hospital for Rushden

Important Proposal for a War Memorial - Higham Ferrers Asked to Join

                The proposal to erect a Cottage Hospital at Rushden as a memorial to those from the towns of Rushden and Higham Ferrers who have fallen in the war has been under consideration for some months, and the scheme is now taking a more definite shape.  A meeting of the preliminary committee was held in the Council Buildings, Rushden, on Saturday last, Mr T. Wilmott, J.P. (chairman of the Rushden Urban Council) presiding.

                As showing the thoroughly representative nature of the meeting it may be recorded that notices of the gathering had been sent to the following: Messrs. R. Tye, secretary of the Athletic Club; J. Wright, secretary W.M.C.; E. Austin, secretary Town Band Club; the secretaries of the Windmill Club and the Conservative Club; Fred Short, secretary Trade Union Club; W. Rowthorne, secretary West End Club; W. Langley, J.P., secretary Boot Operatives’ Union; J. L. Percival, secretary Amalgamated Society of Leather Workers; A. Tompkins, secretary Engineers; John Jackson, secretary Rushden and Higham Ferrers Trades and Labour Council; W. J. Frisby, secretary Free Gardeners; Charles White, secretary Rechabites; George Prickett, secretary Oddfellows, M.U.; G. W. Coles, J.P., secretary Foresters; T. E. Wigginton, secretary Rushden Co-operative Society; C. Payne, secretary Oddfellows, N.U.; A. Hazeldine, National Deposit Friendly Societies’ Council; C. J. Giles, secretary Friendly Societies’ Council; F. Berrill, secretary Rushden Co-operative Educational Committee; W. E. Capon, secretary Rushden Nursing Association; John Claridge, J.P., C.C., secretary Hospital Week Fund; C. W. Horrell, F. Knight, J.P., John Clark, W. Bazeley, J.P., C. Bates, and John Spencer, J.P., all of Rushden; Mrs Webb, secretary Rushden Women’s Co-operative Guild; Mrs Walter Robinson, secretary Rushden Red Cross Committee; Dr Greenfield, Dr Owen, Dr Davies, Dr Baker, Rev. C. J. Keeler, Rev. P. E. Robson, Rector of Rushden; and the following Higham Ferrers representatives, Messrs. T. H. A. Beetenson, secretary United Charities Aid Fund; W. Bates, secretary Foresters; E. Parker, secretary Oddfellows; J. Burt, secretary Free Gardeners; C. Smith, secretary Hospital Week Committee; A. Smith, secretary Town Band Club; H. Warr, secretary W.M.C.; C. Gomm, secretary Athletic.  The majority of these organisations were represented at the meeting.

                Mr G. W. Coles, J.P., moved the following resolution: “That this meeting desires, as a war memorial, the establishment of a Cottage Hospital in Rushden and Higham Ferrers, and the appointment of a Committee to consider plans and report.”  Mr Coles said he was instructed by the Rushden Co-operative Society to support the scheme.

                Mr C. Bates seconded, and said that the local branch of the National Union of Boot and Shoe Operatives supported the establishment of a Cottage Hospital.

                Mr W. L. Beetenson and Mr Green announced that the Rushden Conservative Club supported the scheme and that Mr James Hyde had promised to give an acre of ground on the Irchester-road as a site for the hospital.

                The resolution was supported by other delegates and was carried unanimously.

                Mr John Claridge thought the scheme should include other proposals, in which interest has been taken.

                The following were appointed to represent the meeting on the Preliminary Committee with power to add to the number: Messrs. W. L. Beetenson, Conservative Club; G. W. Coles, Friendly Societies; T. E. Wigginton, Co-operative Society; H. Thomson, Shoe Operatives; Clayton, W.M.C.; J. L. Percival, Leather Workers; A. Hazeldine, National Deposit F.S.; C. J. Giles, Free Gardeners; A. Haddon, Windmill Club; C. Lingard, Trades; C. White, Rechabites; W. Ayres, Athletic Club; C. W. Horrell, A. H. Sartoris, J.P., and the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Rushden Urban Council (Mr T. Wilmott, J.P., and Mr Fred Knight, J.P.).  The Higham Ferrers Societies were asked to elect their own representatives.

                A hearty vote of thanks was passed to Mr James Hyde for his offer of land.

Rushden Echo, 23rd February 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

Nasty Accident—On Friday evening last, after darkening-down time, Mrs. Barnes, an old lady of 70 years or more, whose home is in Co-operative-row, slipped down near the shoe factory of Mr. I. Cunnington in Crabb-street and sustained a broken leg. She was removed to her home by passers-by and afterwards was taken to the Cottage Hospital in Griffith-street by Corpl. Page and Pte. Abblett of the St. John Ambulance, Dr. Greenfield being called to attend her. On Wednesday she was removed to her home again and is now progressing as well as can be expected.

Rushden Argus, 5th October 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

Severe Injuries – Girl Hurt with a Broken Plate
A girl named Ethel Bollard, of North-street, Rushden, was attended at the Rushden Cottage Hospital for severe injuries to her head. We understand that she was hurt by a plate, which broke and cut her rather badly about the head and face. Mr. James Hyde kindly drove her to the Hospital, where several stitches were put in. The injuries are said to have been caused by her brother, a man of about 30 years of age. Mr. Patenall, of Messrs. Crick and Patenall, kindly drove the injured girl, who is an employee of his, to her home, after she had received surgical attention.

The Rushden Echo, 30th January, 1920, transcribed by Gill Hollis

War Memorial for Rushden
The Cottage Hospital Scheme - Committees Appointed
A meeting of the representatives of the various organisations in Rushden took place at the Council Buildings on Monday to form committees to make arrangements for the Cottage Hospital decided on by the Town as a war memorial. Mr. Fred Knight, J.P., presided.

It was decided that the whole of the members present be the general committee. The following were appointed as Finance Committee – Mr. C. W. Horrell (chairman), Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Sartoris, Mrs. Walter Robinson, Mrs. W. B. Woodward, Mrs. Webster, Dr. Greenfield, Dr. Davies, Rev. P. E. Robson, Messrs. G. W. Coles, J.P., John Clark, T. F. B. Newberry, W. E. Capon, J. S. Mason, F. J. Sharwood, C. Bates, F. L. Heygate, B. Knibbs, C. Giles, F. Elmer, T. Swindall, A. E. Haddon, R. Clayton, and W. J. Frisby, senr.

Mr. G. S. Mason and Mr. W. E. Capon were appointed joint secretaries and Mr. Heygate treasurer.

Three sub-committees of the Finance Committee were formed, Messrs. Horrell, Clark, and Sharwood representing the boot manufacturers and allied trades; Mrs. Dyke, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Woodward, Mrs. A. T. Chambers, Mr. J. S. Mason, and Mr. Newberry representing the tradesmen; and members from the institutions of the town were appointed.

Dr. Greenfield announced that the Wellingborough-road Mission had decided to formulate a scheme to try and raise £1,000. The doctor suggested that the Committee try and get “Founders” of the Hospital, the qualification being the subscription of an amount to be decided on by the Committee. This was agreed to.

Mr. Knibbs thought that the factory workers might be asked to contribute half-a-day’s pay twice a year to the funds.

It was decided to ask Rushden Red Cross Society to organise a fete during the year for the Hospital.

Cottage Hospital Scheme

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