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St John Ambulance Brigade
The Beaumont Cup
Rushden Echo, 1st October 1909, transcribed by Peter Brown

Ambulance Contest at Rushden - The Beaumont Cup

Through the unfavourable weather on Saturday last, the venue of the annual contest for the Beaumont Challenge Cup (open to ambulance divisions within three miles of Rushden) had to be changed from the grounds of Dr Owen, Park Road, Rushden, to the Newton Road Council Schools.

Dr Baxter (Wollaston) officiated as Judge. The officers present included Hon Surgeon C R Owen, Chief Supt Nicholson (Wellingborough), Supt Secretary A O Groome and First Officer H R Patenall (Higham Ferrers), Supt T Swindall (Rushden), First Officer Parsons (Irchester), and others. Four teams entered, viz one from Higham Ferrers, one form Irchester and two from Rushden.

Each team had to render first aid to a wounded man, loading him on a stretcher, conveying him a distance, putting him over a wall, and then unloading the patient. An oral examination followed.

The judge gave his


as follows:- 1 – Rushden No. 1.; 2 – Higham Ferrers

Rushden No. 1 secured 152 marks out of a possible 220, and Higham 145.

Dr Baxter said he was pleased with the first aid work, but none of the teams answered the questions as well as he expected.

Mrs C R Owen presented the cup to Acting Sergt Abbott (Rushden Team) and said she hoped all the competitors would gain some knowledge by the competition, and that it would be stimulus to them to work for next year’s competition, which would be held at Higham Ferrers.

Mrs Owen also presented prizes to each of the men in the winning teams.

In the recent


Miss Caldwell was presented with a medallion, whilst the following received labels:- Eliza Woods, Amy Ladds, Esther Knight, Agnes Webb, Lizzie Harlow, Annie Dawson, and Violet Clarke.

Dr and Mrs Owen entertained the company to tea.

Supt A O Groome thanked Dr Baxter for acting as judge. His decision had given every satisfaction.

Dr Baxter, in reply, said that he was glad to see the keen interest that the men took in ambulance work.

First Officer H R Patenall expressed thanks to Dr and Mrs Owen for providing tea.

Dr Owen responded, and said that owing to the increase of machinery in factories, motors in the streets, and aeroplanes in the air – (laughter) – it was necessary that ambulance men should be fully qualified to render first-aid to the injured.

The gathering was a very pleasant one.

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