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The Rushden Echo and Argus, 26th April, 1940, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Miss C. M. Watson’s Retirement from Newton-road School

Gifts For Teacher

Miss. C. M. Watson, who has retired from teaching work at the Rushden Newton-road School, received a farewell gift from the school staff at the Waverley Hotel on Monday, Mr. W. A. E. Sherwood, the headmaster, presenting her with a Macdonald tartan travelling rug.

Mr. Sherwood referred to Miss Watson’s most efficient and loyal service to the school, and to the esteem and respect in which she has been held by the staff, the children and the parents. He expressed the wish that she might have health and happiness in her retirement. Mr. S. Saddler, the former headmaster, wrote expressing his appreciation of Miss Watson’s conscientious and able service during his period as head of the school.

Further tributes were paid by Mr. J. W. Reynolds, C.C., (a former member of the staff), Councillor J. Allen, J. P., Chairman of the Rushden Urban Council, Mrs. Wildman and Mr. W. G. Dodge, all testifying to the happy relations existing among the staff.

Miss Watson had also received a dressing case from the senior scholars and a bowl of hyacinths from Mr. and Mrs. Lack, caretakers of the school. The whole of her teaching career has been spent in Rushden, and she transferred to the Newton-road school in 1925. She has also been associated with the Park-road Methodist Church. Many children (writes a correspondent) must have been influenced by her insistence on character as the basis on which true education depends.

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