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Rushden Argus, Friday Dec 27th 1889, Transcribed by Kay Collins

SCHOLARSHIP—A scholarship of £50 from St. John's College, Cambridge, has just been awarded to Herbert Sargent, of Rushden, who for sometime past has attended the Wellingborough Grammar School.

Rushden Echo, 8th October 1909, transcribed by Peter Brown

FREE PLACES at the Northampton and County School have been awarded by the County Education Committee to five boys living within reach of the School who, though not gaining Class A scholarships, had done the best work in the examination. Three of these boys belong to Rushden – A H B Bailey, T N Bailey, and A E Baxter. Besides the free places in the school, they each receive a grant of £5 a year for two years towards travelling and other expenses.

Rushden Echo, 28th April 1911, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden Education Committee — More Scholarships Wanted
A meeting of this committee was held at the Board Room on Tuesday night, when there were present Messrs J T Colson (chairman), J Claridge, F Ballard, W M Hensman, G Miller, W Chettle, E Freeman, and W B Sanders.

Free Scholarships
Mr Freeman moved that the County Education Authority be asked to consider the question of increasing the number of free scholarships and of increasing the grant towards maintenance during the period covered by the scholarship, the amount to be determined by the circumstances of the parents. He said he wished to remove some of the obstacles to some of the brightest boys and girls continuing their education at secondary schools. There were only eight scholarships for Kettering, Wellingborough and Rushden—an altogether inadequate number.

Mr Miller seconded on the ground that Rushden, Kettering and Wellingborough did not get their fair share, but from a financial standpoint he did not push the matter.

Mr Claridge did not think they were in a position at present to find all the money necessary.

Mr Hensman thought it was more important to provide an extended practical education for the masses than to highly educate a few.

Rushden Echo, 8th November 1912

A Midwifery scholarship has been awarded by the Northants Education Committee to Mrs. Emily Langham, wife of Mr. Geo. Wm. Langham, of 42 Glassbrook-road, Rushden.

Rushden Echo, 3rd December 1920, transcribed by Kay Collins

Miss G. GENT, of Rushden, having nominated by the Northants District Nursing Association for a nursing scholarship, the Northants Education Committee have agreed to contribute £32 10s. 0.d. to the Association towards the cost of her training.

Northampton Mercury Friday June 8th 1923, transcribed by Susan Manton

A scholarship of the value of £135 is being offered by the Rushden Co-operative Society’s Educational Committee to its members, tenable at Ruskin College, Oxford, the candidates to be between the ages of 21 and 35.

Rushden Echo, 4th September 1925, transcribed by Kay Collins

Sole Winner of Scholarship—Master Jack Carrington, son of Mr and Mrs J V Carrington, who have recently left Rushden for Lower Heyford, was the only Rushden elementary scholar to win a county scholarship this year. Mr Carrington has this week taken up his new post of headmaster of the Council school at Heyford.

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