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Newton Road Schools - Reports

Evening Telegraph, 20th July 1901, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden School Board - Highest Possible Grant Earned

The report of H.M. Inspector on the Newton-road Schools is just to hand, and we are pleased to report that the grant earned in this school is the highest possible one, a fact that must be very pleasing to every parent, and which reflects the greatest possible credit upon the heads of the school and the teaching staff. The following is the full official report:—

Mixed Department: I am very pleased with the tone and work of this school, and its high state of efficiency reflects the greatest credit on the headmaster and his staff. Brush drawing is being taught with encouraging success, and I should be glad if the boys could have some manual instruction in wood work. The floor of the school needs attention. The playground is in a bad state, and the entrance is bad to the girls' offices. I should be glad if it could be asphalted and proper receptacles could be pro¬vided for the ashes.

Infants' Department: The order is good, and the teaching is on fairly intelligent lines. Many of the older children should be in the upper school. The children should not write with blunt pencils, and in the fourth class there is too much simultaneous answering. The attention of the babies is not well procured, and the teaching lacks brightness. Drill is good, and a beginning has been made in brush drawing. Frank Clarke passed well.

The grants earned are: Average mixed 439 at 22s., grants on average attendance, £482 18s.; cookery, £6 8s.; infants average 357, at 17s., grant on average attendance, £303 9s.; total £792 15s.; fee grant, 796 at 10s., £398, making the total grant £1,190 15s.

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