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Newton Road Infant School Gallery

c1893 Newton Road School

This picture came to us as c1894 Newton Road School.

All around the walls are pictures painted by the children:
Animals, a castle, a flower, teapot, kettle, saucepan, ducks.

Each child has a windmill on their desk (see right for more detail), and some doll's house funiture is laying along the window ledges.

detail from the main picture

c1900 Class I
Class No I c1900
A rather poor photograph but the board is clearly readable
Newton Road Infants in 1903
Newton Road Infants in 1903
Back row: 2nd Ada Cave (Penny Bazaar) 3rd row: 2nd Witcie Smith, 9th Nellie Carr (b1895), 13th Marshall Bailey, 14th Harry Plummer 1st row: 8th Frank Smith, 11th Frank Percival
class B12
Another copy photograph - Class B12 but no year
This is a copy of a photograph with no caption, but numbers written on five children indicate
there was perhaps a list of their names on the back of the original! Perhaps siblings - may be Class XI

1914 class

Infant class c1925
Newton Road Infant School c1925
Extreme left front row is Ken Ambridge

School Sports c1928
Mrs Lumbers loaned us this photograph.

She recalls some of the names:

Rene Evans, Eric Sturgeon, Bernard Wadsworth, Peg Hopper, Dick Penn,
Rene Knight, Ella Denton, Rene Meadows,
Doreen Smith, & Bert Catlin.
c1928 School Sports at Rushden Town Football Club ground

1963 Class I 1966 staff
1963 Class I
Maypole Dancing
1966 Mrs Kirk, Enid Turner, K March, Margaret Miller (sec),
Mrs Smith, Beryl Jays, Sheila Sanders, Maureen ...
and Ruth Webster

playtime Class 5 1974
1965/67 Playtime
1974 Class 5 Christmas Party

1981 reception class 1982 Reception class
1981 Ruth Webster returns after 21 years! Shattering!
Reception class - with Marion Nichiolson "a gem if ever there was one"
1982 Reception class with Ruth Webster

1984 staff
1984 Back row: Kathie Moulton, Gerry Mason, Rose Dellow,
Eileen Blencowe, Dave Stephenson (caretaker).
Front row: Ann Wix, Ruth Almond, Ruth Webster, Joan Hill.

A painting of the school 2001
Painting by Don Aspinall 2001

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