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Booklet kindly loaned by Bill Sinfield
Newton Road School Trip 1951

Newton Road County School, Rushden

School Visit to The Festival of Britain 16th July, 1951.

On the river trip
Mr Sherwood, Mrs Sherwood & Mrs Edge on the
"Queen Boadicea" enjoying a river trip.
The boys to left of driver are (l-r) ?, John Collins, Eddy Ball &
Mick Miller, and to his right Jill Cumberpatch, Jeff Cartwright,
Keith Toby, Charlie Browning and John Richardson.

Programme and General Information


This booklet has been prepared so that you will know something beforehand about our visit to the Festival of Britain Exhibition.

I therefore want you to study it carefully and make yourself acquainted with all it contains. Do not destroy it on your return but keep it as a souvenir.        

I sincerely trust that our trip to the Exhibition will be a ‘red letter day’ in your school life and I do hope that nothing will occur that will mar our day's pleasure.

May the weather be kind to us, so that we may all have a very enjoyable day's outing.

Remember you are a scholar of Newton Road School and please do not do anything that will let your school down.

W A E Sherwood (Headmaster)


7.20 - Assemble at School.

7.30 - Buses will leave for London.

10.3O - Arrive Regents Park and leave by Underground for Waterloo (Festival Station)

10.45- 1.0 - Tour round Festival of Britain.

1.0p.m.  Lunch - meet at Skylon. All parties will then join, and have their packed lunches in a Festival Restaurant. Drink may be bought here.

1.30 - 2.30 - Further tour of Festival.

2.30    All parties will meet at Rodney Pier in readiness for trip on motor launch.

2.40 - Leave Rodney Pier for trip by launch to Greenwich and back to Westminster Bridge.

4.30   Tea on the Embankment.

5.30 - Sightseeing of London – Walk along Whitehall  to Trafalgar Square, and thence up the Mall to Buckingham Palace.   Walk down Buckingham Palace Road to pick up buses at Semley Place (Near Victoria Bus Station)

6.30 - Buses leave for home.

The following arrangements have been made for bus parties

Bus 1

All Senior Class 3 (20)

All Senior Class 2 Boys

(except David Newell to Bus 3)

Mr Bates

Mr Birch

Miss Baker

Bus 2

All Senior Class 1 except the following

Marian Clark
Christine Chambers  
Keith Clayton
Barry Keech
Michael Safford - to bus 3

Miss Ruff

Mr Cleaver

Mr Davis

Bus 3

All Junior Class 1 plus those stated

Mrs Edge

Mr & Mrs Sherwood

Passenger List (Groups)

Group 1 – Mr. G. J. Bates

Janet Minney
Astrid Page
Wendy Brittain
Marian Knighton
Jean Sturgeon
Ann Roberts

David Childs
Graham Webb
Peter Giles
David Ballard
John Milburn
Derek Law

Group  2 - Mr. H. A. Birch

Marjorie Bradshaw
Jillian Underwood
Marian Brawn
Jillian Truett
Ann Gell
Wendy Hutchings

Graham Pye
Charles Browning
Victor Webb
John Warner
Don Sanders
Alan Dunmore

Group 3 – Mr Sherwood

Beryl Clark
Beryl Culpin
Sonia Hyde
Norma Joyce
Pamela Rawlings
Mavis Ward

John Beal
Geoffrey Cartwright
Keith Frankham
Barry Kinnear
Bill Sinfield
David West
David Newell

Group 4 – Miss Baker

Christine Chambers
Marion Clarke
Valerie Denton
Dawn Liggins
Pamela Room
Maureen Seward
Sylvia Warren

John Buckley
Keith Clayton
Barry Keech
John W Richardson
Michael Safford

Group 5 – Miss Ruff

Diana Bayes
Amy Brawn
June Cumberpatch
Carol Iliffe
Gwyneth Lord
Gillian Walding

David Helsdown
John Martin
Alan Peck
John Richardson
David Twelftree
Tony Hulatt

Group 6 – Mrs Edge

Dorothy Harley
Lois Minney
Judith Nunley
Maureen Pashler
Eileen Storey

Roger Allen
John Collins
Robert Higham
Terence Parker
Rodney Mantle
Ivor Vincent
Brian Wilshire

Group 7 – Mr. Davis

Janet Arnold
Marjorie Butler
Sylvia Mead
Barbara Ingham
Judy Smith

Richard Denton
Robert Garley
Gordon Room
Graham Smith
Keith Toby
Brian Toby

Group 8 – Mr. Cleaver

Pat Bird
Kathleen Haley
Janet Rawlings
Janet Perkins
Pat Tweddle
Ann Watson

Edward Ball
Allan Edwards
Alan Cooper
Michael Miller
Peter Myers
John Warren

General Information

The Journey up to London

This is quite an interesting journey by road. Look out for the following on the way, and find out what you can about them before the day.


Statues to John Bunyan and John Howard.

Cardington Aerodrome

Look out for the airship hangars. Maybe you will see the new Bournemouth.


At the foot of the CHILTERN HILLS
See if you tell what kind of rock they are made of. Here at Luton Vauxhall Cars and straw-hats are made.

St Albans

Look out here for the beautiful Cathedral and the Verulanium.

Regents Park - You probably know it better as the Zoo. This is where we disembark from our buses in London.

The River Trip

This will be a most interesting journey down the Thames from the Festival Piers to Greenwich.

We shall pass under the following London bridges:

Waterloo (new white one)



London Bridge

Tower Bridge (last bridge over the Thames)

Look out for the following important buildings, monuments, ships etc.-:

Somerset House

Cleopatra's Needle

The Discovery

H.M.S. President


St. Paul’s

The Monument

The Tower - Traitors' Gate

London Docks

The Pool of London

Greenwich Observatory

Royal Naval College

Sightseeing after Tea

During our walk after tea we shall be passing some most important buildings etc.

Look out for the following:-

Houses of Parliament

Westminster Hall

Scotland Yard

Westminster Abbey


Downing Street

Horse Guards

Trafalgar Square

          Nelson’s Column

          National Gallery

Admiralty Buildings

Duke of York's Statue

Marlborough House

Buckingham Palace

Westminster Cathedral

General Instruction for the day

1. Go to bed early the night before. Remember you will have a long day ahead of you,

2. Bring a mac with you and if it does not rain your camera might be handy to have with you,

3. Bring a packed lunch with you. Packed tea will be provided.

4. YOU MUST KEEP WITH YOUR PARTY AT THE FESTIVAL. If you should be separated from your party before lunch, be at the SKYLON at 1 o'clock, if after lunch be at RODNEY PIER at 2.30.

5. If you are lost in London during the sightseeing tour do not be afraid. Go to a policeman and ask him to show you the way to SEMLEY PLACE (see your map - it is near Victoria Bus Station.) You must be there by 6.30. when the buses leave for home.

6. BEHAVE WELL AT ALL TIMES and be proud that you have not let your School down.

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