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Newton Road - Visit to Windsor 1936

This trip would entail a walk to Rushden Railway Station, a train into Wellingborough Station,
another train into London St Pancras and then across London to Paddington and another train
to Windsor - in all it took 3 hours and, of course, another 3 hours to get back home.

Rushden Newton Road Council School

This little booklet was written by headmaster Mr Sherwood. The colour is rather strange but it was most likely reproduced with a Roneo or Gestetner printer. This entailed the original being drawn on specially made sheets, and the pen nib would carve into the top sheet which in turn would allow the special ink to penetrate from the ink roller on the machine onto the printing roller to which the sheet was attached.

The duplicated pages were then assembled into a little booklet and the photograph of Windsor Castle was stuck onto a page. Each child was given the booklet beforehand, as it tells them what to take and how to dress for their day out, and how to behave! For the children it would have been an exciting trip and probably further than any of them had travelled before. It took 3 hours to get to Windsor.

This little booklet has been prepared so that you will know something beforehand about the historic town you hope to visit on June 23rd.

I therefore want you to study this booklet carefully and make yourself acquainted with all it contains. Do not destroy it, on your return, but keep it as a souvenir.

I sincerely trust that your trip to this famous spot will be a 'red letter day' in your school life, and I do hope that nothing will occur that will mar your day's pleasure.


If you have any photographs
of the outing we'd be pleased to take a copy.

If you have memories of this trip to share with
us we like to hear.

Please contact us.

Windsor is a town, whose population is about 20,000, so it is larger than RUSHDEN whose population is about 14,000.

The town is situated on the South bank of the River Thames, in Berkshire, and is 21 miles west of LONDON.

On the opposite bank of the Thames is ETON, which is noted for its Public School. This school was founded by King Henry VI in 1440.

Windsor Castle - For over 800 years this castle has been one of the residences of the KINGS and QUEENS of ENGLAND.

EDWARD the CONFESSOR (1042-1066) had a place at Old Windsor three miles away. WILLIAM the CONQUEROR (1066-1087) saw the military importance of the hill close to the river and built a castle defended by a moat.

John (1199-1216) went forth from Windsor Castle to meet his Barons in 1216 when he signed the MAGNA CARTA at Runnymede, a few miles away.

On approaching WINDSOR you should notice the famous ROUND TOWER, which as built by King EDWARD III as ameeting place for the Knights of the Garter. This spot was selected as it was supposed to be here that King Arthur used to converse with the Knights of the Rount Table. In the Round Tower is mounted a large bell, cast at Moscow, and weighing over 17 cwt. This bell is only rung on the death of a sovereign. You should notice the UNION JACK on a flagstaff 73'9'' high. When the King is in residence the ROYAL STANDARD is flown.

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