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Rushden Echo, 10th December 1920, transcribed by Kay Collins
John Henry Cumberpatch
Shocking Outrage at Rushden
The Condition of the Victim To-day
Prisoner said to have been Shell-Shocked
Saw his Father and Brother Killed in France

John Henry Cumberpatch, of 95, Cromwell-road, Rushden, who was brought forward on remand this morning at Wellingborough Police Court, charged with the revolting outrage on Mrs. J. Jones, of Shirley-road, Rushden, yesterday week, is said to have suffered from shell-shock. He had been in the Army some years before the war, and, after the outbreak of hostilities saw much hard fighting in France. On one occasion we understand that he was in an explosion and was hurled several feet into the air, Since then he had never entirely regained his normal condition. He saw his father and brother killed in France. He served in Ireland, but was not wounded there.

After his discharge from the Army he worked for a time at Rushden Gas Works as stoker. About three months ago he re-enlisted in the Northants Regt., and was stationed at Northampton Barracks. Since he was a baby he was the adopted son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Johnson, with whom also lived Cumberpatch's grandmother.

The outrage on Mrs. Jones had not been committed many minutes when the next door neighbour (Mrs. Albon) called in, as she was used to doing occasionally, and found Mrs. Jones in a terrible condition. Information was at once given to the Police, and members of the Force were dispatched in various directions. A Police Sergeant went to 95, Cromwell-road, and Cumberpatch was arrested in High-street on the charge, by Police Constables Pywell and Earl.

On inquiry this (Friday) morning we were informed that Mrs. Jones is making gratifying progress. There is a great improvement since last Friday, but Mrs. Jones will not be able to get about for a considerable time yet.

No evidence was offered when Cumberpatch was brought before the Wellingborough Bench this morning. He was in the Court only a few moments, and was formally remanded until Mrs. Jones is able to give evidence in Court.

Rushden Echo, 7th January 1921, transcribed by Kay Collins

The Recent Rushden Outrage
Special Court to be Held - Public Prosecution.

The charges against the Rushden soldier, John Hy. Cumberpatch, of attempting to murder Catherine Jones, also of committing an outrage upon her, and further of robbery, are to be heard at a Special Court to be held at Wellingborough on Thursday, January 13, when a representative of the Public Prosecutor will be present.

Mrs. Jones is making progress, and it is hoped may be able to attend and give evidence, but should she not be fit to do so, her deposition has been taken in the presence of the accused man, who was conveyed to Rushden for that purpose on Tuesday.

Note: there is much more to be found in the 'Rushden Echo' over the following months.

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