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Whittington & Tomlin
A bill head from 1915
A bill head from 1915

1936 Invoice
An invoice dated 1st January 1936

An invoice 1938 showing their new logo.



Best Workmanship—Keenest Prices

Building Contractors and Funeral Directors Since 1881


Phone: Rushden 30 and 584

Above - an advert from the Rushden Echo, February 1950

This company was established in 1881, by Edwin Whittington, born at Clifton in Bedfordshire, who moved to Rushden and married here in 1880, and John Tomlin, another young carpenter from Higham Ferrers. By 1910 the families lived next door to each other at 75 & 77 Queen Street, with their yard close by. Edwin died in 1925, and John in 1949.

John's son Pte. Fred Tomlin, was killed in 1918, aged 27 years.

Rushden Echo, 30th July 1909, transcribed by Kay Collins

A Serious Accident befell Mr J Tomlin of the firm of Whittington and Tomlin carpenters, Rushden, on Monday. Mr Tomlin was working at a steam planeing machine when, unfortunately, he got his right hand in it, and his thumb and index finger were cut off. Medical aid was at once procured and the injuries attended to.

Rushden Echo, 27th August 1915, transcribed by Gill Hollis

An accident occurred yesterday week to Mr. H. Cooper, a carpenter in the employ of Messrs. Whittington and Tomlin, Queen-street. Mr. Cooper was engaged in the erection of a shed at Messrs. Wm. Green and Son’s factory, when the ladder slipped and he was precipitated some 20 feet to the ground. Fortunately his fall to the ground was broken by some boxes, or his injuries would doubtless have been of a more serious character. As it was, however, no bones were broken, although Mr. Cooper sustained slight concussion and a dislocated shoulder. He was attended by Dr. Owen. Enquiries made yesterday elicited the fact that Mr. Cooper is making satisfactory progress towards recovery.

In 1929 when a new Rushden branch office opened for Northampton Town and County Benefit Building Society, in High-street, Rushden, they were woodwork contractors.

Miss Kate Tomlin - Obituary 1941

a funeral
A funeral thought to be conducted by Whittington & Tomlin
If you can confirm, please contact us.

1956 billhead
Directors: F Whittington, H E Whittington, C Major, secretary

In the 1960s the company became Whittington & Major Ltd.

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