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Water Board - Reports
The Board in 1946 - outside Rushden Hall

Rushden Echo & Argus, 20th February 1948, transcribed by Kay Collins

Board Buys His Machine

An electric device for waste detection, constructed by Mr. E. A. Coulson, of the Higham Ferrers and Rushden District Water Board's staff, was sold on Monday night to the Board for £7.

The Surveyor, Mr. L. E. Johnson, told the members: "It's cheap at the price."

He had reported: "The Mains Superintendent, Mr. Coulson, has shown considerable ingenuity and interest in his work to produce an electric waste detection machine.

I have inspected it and find it to be first-class. This machine was built at Mr. Coulson's own cost, and as it can only be used in connection with his work I recommend the Board to purchase the machine."

"We have been using a listening stick," explained Mr. Johnson. "I did not know Mr. Coulson had a listening machine until he suddenly brought it out."

Proposing that the Board purchase the machine, Coun. W. E. Capon commented that Mr. Coulson should be commended for his ingenuity.


Asked by Mr. Green if the machine could be patented, the Surveyor replied: "There are several such machines on the market which are patented, but there are things on this which are innovations."

The Surveyor also reported that there were 3.82 inches of rain during January at Rushden compared with 0.90 during January last year. The rainfall was also considerably heavier at Sywell and Wollaston. Bulk sales during December totalled 3,981,000 gallons, and in January 4,355,000 gallons.

There were extensions to the Trafford Road "Trusteel" site and the private estate in Link Road, and a number of services had been repaired.

The Board's chlorinating equipment is to be overhauled once a year and inspected three times a year by specialists, as the proper servicing of the apparatus is beyond the Board's own men.

The Surveyor reported that he had sent a letter to the Rushden Gas Company thanking them for the way they had assisted in the summer months. "Such assistance is material help to the people of Rushden" he said.


A report of a tour of inspection at the new water tower and at the site of the Board's pipe-laying operations was given by Coun. E. A. Sugars. Commenting on the water tower, Coun. E. J. Rowlett said: "It's a fine piece of work."

Shortage of labour was holding up operations with the pipeline, the Surveyor stated, but the Ministry of Labour had been approached.

The annual statement of accounts showed that the Board's income increased by £342 last year, bringing the total to £13,157.

Members present were: Coun. J. H. J. Paragreen (chairman), Coun. E. J. Rowlett (vice-chairman), Ald. J W. Barker, Ald. F. Walker, and Couns. W. E. Capon, J. Allen, T. Cox. Fred Green and E. A. Sugars.

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