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Traders with Horse and Cart

We have no information about these traders except the photographs.

Extract from a Note Book of J E Smith

Rushden Chapel-Yard - Mr Lewis (one of our Council men) told me on Wednesday May 25 1917, that old Jimmy Wood who used to keep a donkey & Cart lived in the Chapel-yard at the Corner of the Green near Mr Knight the barber. Wood used to attend the Wellingborough Market & do errands for people, so you see in those days he was a prominent useful man. I well remember the old old small barn which became a chapel, also a carpenters shop. I knew the building from March 1873 when I first came through Rushden to play at Souldrop Church. I cannot say what year it was pulled down & do not remember ever going in it as I had no time when I came through. JES

1909 - Floats at the Rushden Cycle Parade & Gala
Packwood float Gates float

A Couple of Winners - Class 19 (decorated cart horses in harness) by Mr William Packwood, builder, contractor and carter, Newton Road, Rushden.  These fine horses were awarded 1st & 2nd prizes.

Mr H S Gates, Wholesale fruiterer, of Harborough Road, Rushden, awarded second prize in Class 18, a splendid exhibit of bananas, pineapples, melons, and other fruits. Driven by J Dickens
Co-op float Tuffrey float
A specimen of Co-operative production, shown by the Rushden Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd, entered in class 18 (tradesmen’s turn-outs), causing much interest.

Mr J T Tuffrey of the firm of Mr H J Tuffrey, bespoke boot specialists,
of 73, High Street South, Rushden, Third prize in Class 3
(trade advertisement get-ups), and was greatly admired.

Higham Ferrers Cycle Parade 1909
From photographs taken by Mr Cyril Desborough, Rushden
Mr P J Deighton
J W Bright

Mr J W Bright, a mineral water manufacturer, of Church Street, Rushden, whose turn-out was very effective.

Mr P J Deighton, potato merchant, High Street, Rushden,
whose turn-out was admired by everyone.

T W Gates H S Gates
T W Gates - dairy
Co-op milk
Above - the milk delivery carriage of the Co-op Society.

Right - James Sargent's carriage - an early taxi service

James Sargent

G Bettles with horse and cart
G E Bettles - contractor of 17 Windmill Road

cart in W'boro road
c1910 Wellingborough Road. The man in the apron has lost his left arm. We don't know who he was. The cart has some wording, but not clear enough to read any letters! If you can help, please email via the "contact us" at the foot of this page.

Behind an old gas lamp and in the distance is Gladstone terrace, right is the Co-op Store built in 1895. Between the man on the kerb edge and the horse the Mission Church had been built in 1900 but back from the roadside, so not visible.

Rushden Argus, 7th August, 1914, transcribed by John Collins

Rushden Horses - Taken from the Carts by Army Agents

Army authorities on Saturday morning paid a visit to the town, and began commandeering horses off the tradespeople. The horses were taken out of the carts in some instances in the streets.

October 1914 accident ...... when Mr. Collins was turning his horse and dairy float in the road outside his shop.

Fred Hales
Fred Hales started with a horse & cart

Harry Green sold his ice cream around the streets of the town.
"New Milk Quality Ice Cream" sold at 1d or 2d for a wafer or 2d for a tub.
Harry Green with his hand cart
And with his horse and cart

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