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Shops in other Streets

The shop at 34 Brookfield Road
Elizabeth Shorley & Kathleen Clayton outside the shop at
the corner of Brookfield and Glassbrook roads

37 and 39 Purvis Road Taken from Wilson Road in 1975
39 - G E Cave

In 1936 No 37 was kept as a general store by Frederick Croot, and in 1956 it was kept by F W Digby.

Rushden Co-op took over the premises and opened their 'No 20 store' as a grocery in 1960.

At No 39 in 1936 was Edward Cave, a draper, but by 1940 G E Cave had taken over with Radio and Electrial services, and he remained here well into the 1970s.

shop and post office
The old Post Office and general store in Bedford Road

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