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Rushden Echo and Free Press - 12th May, 1899

Rushden Market

An Accomplished Fact

Through the enterprise of Mr. H. H. Bletsoe, Rushden at last has what we have often urged the desirability of in the columns of the Rushden Echo – a market of its own.  It would doubtless have been well if the town had taken the matter up, but the establishment of a weekly auction mart is to be welcomed none the less because it is a private venture.  The first sale was held on Monday, and considering all things it was a most successful one.

The market-place, which is situated on ground near the Victoria Hotel is also close to the Railway station, and is therefore most conveniently placed for buyers and sellers who have to send their goods by rail.  The space occupied is not large, but as the market develops it will be possible to considerably enlarge it.  There is a large covered shed on one side of the ground where goods of a perishable nature can be stored, and there are portable pens for pigs, sheep &c.

In opening the sale, Mr. Bletsoe expressed the pleasure he felt at meeting his friends there, and said he had felt for some time that something of the sort should be started in Rushden.  He should attend to it as much as possible, and Mr. Wing would be at Rushden to look after the interests of those who had business at the market.  Rather short notice had been given of that day’s sale, but that was not his fault.  The reason for it was that he did not receive his licence from the Urban Council soon enough.  After that day he hoped to have considerably more stock and more fat beast.

The sale then proceeded and was of a very successful character, nearly everything being disposed of at good prices.  The stock offered included 45 pigs, 10 sheep, 5 beasts, 5 horses, 50 head of poultry, and a number of rabbits, besides a lot of plants and flowers, and a miscellaneous collection of trolleys, carts, zinc roofing, &c.

Taken altogether, the opening sale was much beyond the expectations of most people, and must have been highly gratifying to the promoters, who are to be heartily congratulated upon the good start made.  The thumbnail sketch which accompanies this report was taken from an instantaneous photograph secured at the moment Mr. Bletsoe offered the first lot.

Mr. H. H. Bletsoe has a very successful sale on Monday afternoon, when a large number of buyers came from the whole of the surrounding district.  There was a very good entry, including 5 horses, 39 fat pigs, 22 store pigs, 6 fat beasts, two cows and calves, 24 fat sheep, a quantity of poultry, and some hay.  Beef and mutton sold well, the pork trade was not quite so dear.  Beef made up to £3 per head.

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