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Photographs from Jill & Bill Poole

Bill Poole

Bill Poole came to Rushden in 1944 as an evacuee. After he left the Intermediate school he became a Hoover repair man travelling around the area looking after vaccuum cleaners. In 1970 he set up his shop in High Street to sell and repair Hoovers and after 30 years closed the business and took a well earned retirement.

A Hallowden display in the shop window
Above - display for Halloween - Below the old shop front
The old shop
The new shop front
Jill & Bill Poole kept their vacuum cleaner sales and repair shop in High Street South. Some cottages that stood in the yard behind the shop were used as storage. Bill was a fisherman in his leisure time as was Jill's father, Joe Eagle.

Gill & Bill Poole in the shop
Jill & Bill Poole in their shop at 38 High Street South
The showroom
Above - display of cleaners - Below - Bill in his workshop
Bill in his workshop
The building today - 2007
Bill Poole's shop is now an Indian Food take-away - the archway - sometime known as Robbs Yard - leads to the old cottages used for storage by Bill and down to the where town brook ran - it has been culverted so is no longer visible.
The shop to the right was George Moore's greengrocery and flower shop but has now been returned to a dwelling house.

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