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Old Shops of the High Street
1960s - 1970s

Some of the photographs of High Street shops that we have copied.
We have little information - often just what is found in the Trade Directories.

H York's Radio and TV shop at the George Street Corner

Colin Bryant Collection - Courtesy of Rushden Museum
John Coleman took over Charlie Robinson's
and later expanded to take the Higham Ferrers Newsagent's too.
Central High Street - looking towards church
Right: Hepworth's Tailors, Norman's Bakery, Baxter's Butchers.

1960s north end of High Street
High Street 1960s

Fine Fare had recently been built, the first supermarket in Rushden. Left: Jan's Floral Boutique and Boots The Chemist.
Thomas Ltd - Hair Artist
In the 1960s Mr Thomas opened his hairdressing salon upstairs in this property. His son later used the ground floor as a newsagents.
Formerly Nattrass, Carter, Alfred Gray, Clipson Bros.

ET office 1960
1960 Currys,
Evening Telegraph & Saxby's Pork Butchers

Courtesy of the late Colin Bryant's Collection
Mid 1960s - J A Page tailors left, and the motor cycle sales had just left
as the old Sanders & Sanders factory is "to Let" - around the corner
in Station Road is J E Rowthorn furnishers.

Courtesy of the late Colin Bryant's Collection
'Fine Fare' being built in 1960 - the first supermarket in Rushden
was built on the site of the old Waverley Hotel
'Fine Fare' was built in 1960 - the first supermarket in Rushden

left: Jan's, Boots, Anglo Swiss Patisserie

Right in the distance: Denton's factory

The white shop board in centre is Webbs

The corner shop is Roe Brothers, and then Fine Fare.

Webbs, Co-op, Knights Jewellers, Roe Bros, Fine Fare,
and behind the lorry is H P Hodge

Note the traffic is "one way".

Midland Bank and International Stores on a Parade Day c1970
Hepworths, R C Forcey & Sons, Woolworths & Carnival Queen

These four photographs were taken at a carnival c1970.

Next door to Midland Bank is International Stores – a supermarket, and then Anglia Building Society.

In the next picture with the Carnival Queen’s float, going north, there is Hepworth Tailoring, R C Forcey & Sons Ltd, Woolworths, Maypole, Jones’ greengrocery, and The Feathers.

Stitcher’s supermarket was in central High Street between the two pictures above.

The window adverts include “Pink Stamps” (a savings scheme), Oven Ready Chickens 2/6, Leg of Lamb at 5/-, Pork Chops 5/10, Topside of Beef 6/6 per pound, Beans for 11d, Nescafe at 4/3, Golden Shred 1/7, Harpic at 1/9, tins of Fruit Cocktail 1/9 – so before decimalisation on Feb 15th 1971.

Stitcher’s later became Downsway – an indoor market – with several traders selling an aray of products.

Then John Whittington opened a dispensing chemist’s shop, then Mistry's. The Post Office counter service has now (2015) re-located into this shop alsongside the regular sales.

Behind the bus stop, Anglia Building Society and Stitchers on Parade Day c1970. The window has lots of offer posters

Sketchley Sketchley & WRVS office above
Above: Sketchley at 111 High Street c1970, and 'His Clothes'.
People are peering in the window of James Brothers supermarket.

Right: Sketchley Dry Cleaners at 23 High Street, with the WRVS office above pictured in 1977 when the town celebrated the Queen's Silver Jubilee

Not in High Street but new to Rushden:

Rushden Echo and Argus, 17th March 1967

Another new shop for Rushden

The Continental Stores Company (Rushden) Ltd. Premises in Newton Road, which opened on Monday as a delicatessen store specialising in Continental foodstuffs. The shop is a joint venture by fifty men of all nationalities who live in the town.

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